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What is your favorite tune from the Mario series?  Let us know, and you might just hear your favorite tunes all next week on WTMK!  Tell us your favorite tune, or perhaps the series you enjoy the most, and we'll try to give it a bit more airtime --  even if it's a DK or Wario piece!
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Is Paper Mario's Club 64 theme on the playlist?
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Yoshi's Story Theme
Jolly Roger Bay / Dire, Dire Docks Theme
Rainbow Road, MK:DD
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Rainbow Road MKWii
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Pretty much anything from Superstar Saga, but Popple's theme is especially fun for me.
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The airship theme from SMB3 (and it's NSMB remix).

The athletic theme from SMB3 (first plays in World 1-2).

The athletic theme from the NSMB games, and.. I guess if a piece of music has a NSMB remix, I like that one too.
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Oh Mamma Mia... Where do I start?!
I love tons of songs in Mario, mostly from his older adventures and newer remixes. Themes from Super Mario's 1, 2 (USA), 3, World, Yoshi's Island, Wario Land 1 and 3, Mario 64, Yoshi's Story, Mario Party N64 trilogy, Mario RPG, Paper Mario, I could just go on and on and on...

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THIRD GEN: SMB - Overworld, SMB2 - Overworld, Title screen, Character select, Boss, Final Boss, SMB3 - Both overworld themes, underworld, airship, water levels, and the map screens (That's like almost the whole soundtrack, right?)

FOURTH GEN: SMW - Overworld (both of them), Castle, Star Road, Special World, Valley of Bowser's Map Theme, Final Boss, YI - Map theme (especially world 5's because nostalgia), Overworld (Not Flower Garden), Athletic, Underworld (coolest underworld theme in ANY Mario game right here), Castle, Big Boss, that amazingly awesome FINAL BOSS, and the ending song makes me teary eyed sometimes and it is a beautiful song, and pretty much everything from SMK with special mention to Rainbow Road and Bowser's Castle

FIFTH GEN: SM64 - Pretty much all of it due to nostalgia, but special mentions to Hazy Maze Cave, Big Boo's Haunt, the Bowser levels, Boss, and the amaaaazing Final Boss, and the ending, MK64 - Again, pretty much all of it due to nostalgia, but special mentions to Raceway,  Koopa Troopa Beach, Kalimari Desert, Toad's Turnpike, Banshee Boardwalk, Rainbow Road (which still sometimes gets me kinda teary eyed), and Credits (which makes me cry every time), YS - On the Beach, Yo-Yo-Yoshi, Come Back To Me, Games of Happiness, Spider Swing, Baby Bowser's Lullaby, and The Riddle

SIXTH GEN: SMS - Jesus, it's been a couple years since I played this, I remember especially enjoying Shadow Mario's Theme, Ricco Harbor, Gelato Beach, Sirena Beach (I liked this one a lot), Hotel Delfino, Casino, and Pianta Village, NSMB: World 7 (most beautiful map theme ever ;v;), World 8 Part 2, Desert, Water levels, Volcano, Castle (Best castle theme overall imo)

SEVENTH GEN: SMG - The theme to the bee galaxies, and the one that plays in most of the Bowser battles (I like it a lot better than the one in the final Bowser battle, actually, and everyone loves that one), SMG2 - Yoshi Star Galaxy (This is my favorite 3D Mario but I can't remember much of the other music :/)

I might be late, but some of this could make the playlist, right?
...Pretty please?

EDIT: I also have a trillion favorites from Paper Mario 2, but the soundtrack I have of it is ripped directly from the disc and has the original filenames (For example, Rawk Hawk's theme is "btl_cap1_32k.dsp", so...) so I couldn't tell you the actual names, and I couldn't tell you the actual locations of these songs because it's been a really long time since I played it.
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