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I loved it! I'll admit it's a pretty badly-written story and feels unfinished because all we get is a stable time loop with no actual killing of Hitler, but I expected nonstop absurd 80s action and that's what I got in spades
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Ooh, this does look promising.

For some reason though, the people don't look 80's. Their faces. Not sure what it is.
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probably didn't do enough drugs


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I saw a Kung Fury at Comic Con and praised his costume with a hearty "**** yeah!".

I could be a really really dead-on (hoho) Frank West if I had shorter hair and shaved, I've got the right face, shape of head and stuff. But I'd really just never... in a place as crowded as the convention center during SDCC and how much walking you have to do it's hardly comfortable in comfortable clothes, I'm not gonna add long sleeves and a leather jacket to that. Props to people who do do it and survive, though.
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The worst mistake I made last year was walking around in a pair of leather boots for my Luigi costume at NY Comic Con. By the forth day I took to walking around in my socks when I wasn't sitting down (which was most of the time). I'm prolly gonna make an extra provision to wear more comfortable shoes this year. :X

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I saw it and it was awesome!

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I wonder if there's going to be a sequel...