Author Topic: Does the last-gen ports hold back games on current gen?  (Read 2019 times)

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Your opinions are appreciated.

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"Last-gen ports on current gen" systems are ridiculous, but remaking older games is cool. I love me a 5th gen remake.


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Depending on what you mean, this could be something interesting to talk about. I think you're asking if games being developed for both last-gen and current-gen tech is preventing amazing stuff only current-gen tech is capable of, and we haven't seen yet. If that's it, I'm inclined to disagree. I like good graphics, but, in my opinion, last gen really was capable of some pretty spectacular stuff that still holds up and probably will age well, and the real problem with those games is that they ran at 30fps. I think new games made for current-gen consoles should aspire to look as good as the best-looking last-gen games, but run at 60fps (and have shorter load times if that's not too much to ask).

The problem with that, I guess, is that it's hard to market a good framerate and hard to talk up like it's a good thing to anyone who doesn't already know it. People with consoles are used to games that run at 30fps. A lot of people can't even tell the difference. Reviewers almost never talk about the framerate but do always talk about the graphics. Probably no streaming service plays video at 60fps--whether a game does or doesn't, you're going to see its trailer at 30fps on YouTube and in TV commercials. Screenshots run at 1 frame per forever. Even I couldn't really tell you how much better 60fps feels to play unless I've played the same game or a very similar one at 30 before (but man, it is, going from Dark Souls 1 to 2 is really something, playing Dead Rising 2 on my PC instead of my 360 is glorious). It's not something you can observe until you feel it, and you can't feel it until you're playing, and you can't play until you pay. So I guess, realistically, I think we should ask for console games to be like their PC counterparts in one simple way: have graphics quality options. Because by now, the worse options should still be good enough.

But if the topic is supposed to be about something else, then I have no idea lol
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