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Yoshi takes over for Lip in...

Tetris Attack

Puzzle games were doing well in the 90s, and Nintendo had a popular Japanese game entitled Panel de Pon.  Rather than release a puzzle game with happy little fairies in the USA, Nintendo swapped out the protagonist Lip for Yoshi and released Tetris Attack for the SNES.  However, when it came time to release a Game Boy Panel de Pon, Nintendo released the Yoshi version worldwide.  1996 saw the release of Tetris Attack (a.k.a. "Yoshi's Panel de Pon") in North America, Europe & Japan.

Line up rows of blocks to make them disappear.  Play in Endless, Time Trial, Stage, Puzzle, or Vs. mode.  Help Yoshi battle against all of Baby Bowser's forces!

The game has nothing to do with Tetris other than the title.  In fact, it's possible the Tetris name is keeping this version from seeing a general rerelease, as Nintendo would need to relicense the trademark.  Later Panel de Pon games were released in the west with the "Puzzle League" name.
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