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I am asking people who does not like Grimsack to help me watch for a new member to act like him...just notify me by my E-Mail at I need at least 10 people! Below please tell eceryone what you thought about Grimsack no foul lanuage please deezer may not like that!

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Should I put something here?

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I think everyone one who's been here for a while will reconize Grimsack.

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The, um, GrimSack has, um, left, Yoshi...did you, um, not, um, read the, um, formal apology?

Sorry, I'm talking Watt-style.  Why?  Because America is a free country!

Bowser: "Hahahahaha Bill Gates!  But today, your pathetic little attacks won''t beat me."
Bill Gates: "What do you mean by that?"
Bowser: "Look what I..ahem..''borrowed'' from Star Haven!  It''s the Star Rod!  It has the power to grant all wishes!"
Bill Gates: (gasp)
Bowser: "And I wish...that X-Box will never be sold and Nintendo will get 200 billion from sales EVERY DAY!!"
(Bowser then proceeds to flame the 55-billionaire)
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