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Hi.  I'm back, sort of...
Anyway, I'm playing SM64, in Wet-Dry World, looking for the 8 red coins.  There are two buildings (in the city area), one brown and the other white with a red roof, that are to the left of you if you stand at the red roofed "church," where the star will appear, and look to the other end of the room.  My question is, HOW DO YOU GET ON THOSE BUILDINGS!!!  They're too tall to even wall-kick onto, and they're too far away to jump from the floating platform with the water level switch.

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I think you have to stand on those things that fling you into the air so they fling you onto the next level.  I don't know, I lost the game a year ago. :(

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You have to keep wall-kicking over and over from one building to the other one until you reach the top. I think you can also flip off the tree on the other side and wall kick off the wall on to the top of the building.
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