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Play as A Random Monkey

First, move to Africa, taking your N64 with you. Find a jungle where monkeys live, and build a house there. Next, steal a monkey, shove it into the N64, (With SM64 out, of course) then slam the cartridge into the N64. The monkey will disappear, and once Mario's Face appears, the monkey will bite Mario, and Mario will go to the hospital. You can now select a fifth file. Select it, and you'll play as a monkey who can bite enemies. Oh, and every instance of ''Mario'' seen in the game will be replaced with ''Some Random Monkey.''

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Play as a Red Koopa Troopa

First, go to an Italian restaurant and order some turtle soup. Now go home and pour it into your Super Mario 64 cartridge until it is full. You should have a lot left over. Then, take a red sharpie (it has to be a sharpie) and colr in Bowser's shell without spilling the soup. Now with as little spilling as possible, push it into your N64 and turn it on. Get to when the stars should appear by Mario's head. Instead of stars, You will get 2 koopas, a green one and a red one. The next part is important. Take a knife and stab Bowser's picture on the cartridge. The green koopa should run away in fear. Next, take a dump on your N64. The red koopa should hide in his shell from the smell, but Mario will be unaffected. Seeing the shell, he will kick it, causing it to spin out of control. It will land in a pipe and dissapear. Go to your file select screen and go to the one you have where you defeated Bowser's last battle with just 50 stars (we all have one). Erase it. Start a new game using the file, and you should see the red koopa pop out from nowhere after the scene where Mario comes from the pipe. He will then scream at you for cheating to beat Bowser, and hide in his shell. Now get Mario as close as possible to the shell. If you touch it, Mario will kick it into oblivion and you will have to start all over. Go get the leftovers from that soup and pour it all over the console. The koopa will pop out of his shell and sniff around. He should bump into Mario and get angry for being in his way. You will have control over Mario for a split second. If not done correctly, the next part has him kicking you in the shin. You have to get down to a crawl without moving too much. Done correctly, the koopa will kick his head and send him flying away into the waterfall, and red sharpies will fall from the sky and pound him to death. Control will switch over to the red koopa. Congradulations!
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This is it. The big one. The one Nintendo thought no one would ever find. They were wrong.
Sit tight ladies and gentlemen, this one takes awhile, as it involves almost every cheat i've given so far.
No, you do not have to unlock the religious characters. Those were impossible.

Have a list of my past cheats.
You'll need 'em for this one.
Copy and paste in notepad.

Play as Luigi (THE REAL ONE):
Get all 120 Stars, Now go to the Back of the Castle and read the "L is Real 2043"
Sign, Mario will explode, then reform, BUT! Instead of Mario, you will be Luigi!
Read it again, and you'll turn back into Mario.
WARNING: After switching 10 times, your N64 Will implode, Killing your Cat.
that is all.

Implode Bowser:
First, Stand on your head, Turn the N64 Controller Right Side Up. And Press
Start, A, B, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, (ON D-PAD)
Then, Eat Reeses For Breakfast, if they taste like cheese, Continue, If They
Taste Like Popcorn, Shoot yourself in the Nose, THEN Continue, Now you Must
Play SM64, And Go to a Bowser Boss Fight, Spin Him Around SO MUCH, And he will
Implode, Then Your N64 Will Implode, Before Dying, Yell "TOASTERS!" and you will get a
1-UP, If You Don't, You Are Reincarnated as your cat, exept that your face is Upside Down. That is All.

Play as Sonic:
You will need a 64DD System for this cheat.
Put SM64 into the cartridge slot, and either Sonic CD, Sonic R, Sonic 3D Blast, or Sonic Jam into the Disk Drive.
Start SM64, and when Mario's Head appears, he will look angry, and he'll say:
"Whats-a the matter with-a you? Putting one of that hedgehog's games into-a my system?
You know what-a? I'm not-a letting you play until you take-a that thing out!"
Go cook LOTSA SPAGHETTI and offer it as a bribe, put it by the N64, and it will turn blue, and disappear.
It will appear in front of Mario, and he'll say: "Okay, fine. It's not like-a you can play that-a game on-a here anyway."
The game will continue as normal, until you go to Bowser in the dark world.
When you get to him, Bowser's text box will say: "Mwa ha ha! I'm turning this battle to a associate of mine!
I believe you two have met?"
The floor below bowser will descend, and when it comes back, Sonic will be in his place.
Mario will face the camera and say: "See what you've-a done!?"
The screen will fade out and a message will appear: "Insert Super Smash Bros. 64 and Future Version."
Take out the SM64 Cartridge, and the Sonic game, and replace them with Super Smash Bros., and
Super Smash Bros. Brawl, respectively. The screen will show the Vs. screen to SSB64.
The top part of the screen, which normally shows the stages in adventure mode, will actually say: "WTD IS GOING ON!?"
The fight takes place on Final Destination with Bowser in the sky's background.
Mario (You) is taken completely from SSB64, while Sonic (The Computer) is just his
SSBB version with a N64 model and no Smash B.
Fight, and win, then put back the SM64, but if you put anything but Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
in the CD Drive, the game will show getting blown back to his own game, then Bowser will come back up to
try and finish you off.
If you do put M&S in the CD Drive, It will show Mario and Sonic looking at the game, then both of
Mario will go back to his house and cry in his bed, knowing his fate. Sonic will lay in the fetal position.
plug in the "Hey You, Pikachu!" Microphone and have this conversation:
Sonic: Huh?
Sonic: Why should I?
Sonic: NO, WAIT! I'll do what you want.
The game will reset, and go back to the file screen.
From now on, when you have M&S in the CD Drive, you will play as Sonic.
His controls are taken from Sonic R.
Now go spin through some Goombas!

Mario's Super Form:
Go to
Your browser will say the page is unavailable, but if you click "Refresh" 1,337 times, it will show.
Click on "Download N64 Sega Saturn Emulator"
It won't do anything until you click on it for the 64th time.
After downloading, unpack the .7z file; it will show a homebrew/public domain/legal ROM.
Find a way to put it on a flash cart for the N64, and put it in the N64.
Place Sonic 3D Blast in the CD Drive, and when you turn on the N64, the emulator will start.
Get all 7 Chaos Emeralds in the game, then take a savestate anytime after you achieve them.
Turn off the N64, then replace the SS Emulator with Super Mario 64. LEAVE SONIC 3D BLAST IN THE DISK DRIVE.
When Mario's head appears, he will say: "Im-a feel real powerful!"
Start the game on any save, and go to any world. Collect 50 Coins, and press A in midair.
Since "Super Mario" is taken, we'll call this super form "Hyper Mario".
Like Super Sonic, Hyper Mario is faster, can jump higher, and is invincible.
In addition to this, he has wing cap powers, can activate Metal powers by holding R,
and activate Invisible powers by holding L.
Also, your health will become entirely yellow, and represent how much time you have until your super powers run out.
you can keep this up by collecting more coins.
You can go super as long as you have Sonic 3D Blast in the Disk Drive.
Only Mario can go super in this game.

SM64 Lock-On technology
(Doesn't need N64DD!)

First, hold the console in your hands, and sing "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) once.
then, drop the console on your feet.
next, play file D and complete the game with 120 Stars.
afterwords, shut down the system, take out SM64, and start yelling at the cartridge for 10 minutes.
no insults or anything, just scream and yell at it.
next, shove Sonic & Knuckles into your N64, and shove SM64 into S&K's Lock-on port.
after forcing in the cartridges, shove a Gamecube to GBA cord into the player 2 controller port. (GCN Side in N64, GBA in GBA.)
Next, play Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga until Mario or Luigi learn a Bros. Attack Advance.
Mario and Luigi will jump upwards offscreen after you beat the battle you learned the advance during.
The game will save, go white, and say "Turn off the Game Boy Advance and look at your cartridge!"
Sonic & Knuckles should either be in your Sega Genesis (Assuming you have one), or right by the N64.
SM64 should be in the N64 by itself, with a new port on top of it.
What's it supposed to do? Well, it will be a required component for other cheats you can't normally get without it.

TL;DR? Sorry, but now we get to the main attraction!

The Ultimate Cheat:

First, perform the Sonic cheats (Play as Sonic, Mario's Super Form, SM64 Lock-on),
Then, change to Luigi, and perform the Implode Bowser cheat, when you do this, the N64 WILL NOT
implode after Bowser does. Shut off the N64. Now put Sonic and Knuckles in the SM64 lock-on port,
then shove Super Mario Bros. for the NES into the Sonic & Knuckles lock-on port. Also, put any Wii Mario
game  into the 64DD Disk Drive. When you start the system, SM64 should boot. If SM64 does not boot
at this step, and you get the Sonic 3K Blue Spheres, Doublecheck and make sure you did EVERY CHEAT.
Start the game, change to Mario, and go to Bowser in the sky, in this form of the fight, Mario will have
an infinite superform time, until you beat not Bowser, but Dry Bowser! Apparently, they came up with
that idea earlier than we thought. As Hyper Mario, this should be somewhat easier, since you can't
die by getting hit, but pits still kill you. Beat Dry Bowser, and the ending plays, but with Luigi among the Toads.
Also, where the picture of cake usually shows, instead you start playing Sonic and Knuckles, as Sonic.
If you get a game over, you won't complete the cheat, but to help you along, you start with 10 lives, not 3.
Beat S&K with all 7 Chaos Emeralds, beat The Doomsday Zone, when Sonic grabs the master emerald,
the warping sound when you enter a Special Stage should play, and you immediately start playing SMB.
The same rules apply, don't get a game over, you start with 10 lives. When you get to Peach, she says
"Thank you, Mario! I have a present for you!" and the N64 turns off right after.
Now, look at the top of the SMB Cartridge. There is now an SD Card slot, with an SD card in it.
Take out the SD card, and the Wii Mario game, and put both in the Wii, then go to the Disc Channel.
It should show "The Treasure Room" instead of the Mario game in the Disc Drive, and the Start Button
is inaccessible. Now go to the Photo Channel WITHOUT LEAVING THE CHANNEL CLOSEUPS.
Access it, and pick "SD Card", instead of saying "X pictures and X videos", it should say "Ultimate Secret".
Pick View, and the screen will go black, and the Wii will shut down after a couple of seconds. This is normal.
Take out the SD Card (The Wii CD can stay), and put in back in the SMB SD Slot. Turn on the N64......
You are teleported to the largest arcade ever known, in a virtual world. It has every video game ever made,
Console, Portable, Arcade, or Otherwise, up to the present day. You can freely move between this world,
back to the homeworld, to enter Gameworld, turn on the N64 with the "SM64-S&K-SMB-SD" Tower inserted.
To leave, find a door right by the entrance you are teleported to, and open it.
I visit here daily, all arcade games are freeplay, all consoles have seperate televisons, and portables have
copies of themselves, along with game link cables for multiplay.
It's a wonderful place, and I hope you make it here. I'll be waiting.
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Sail the Grand Line with Mario!

First, tell everybody you can find in a 300 mile radius that someday you hope to be the king of the pirates.  Then take your copy of SM64 and put it on a boat while singing "I'm On a Boat."  Sail around the world in your ship with only your game as your fellow crewmember.  If you make it home alive, make sure to get in a swordfight with anyone who uses the three sword technique.  If you survive this, get home and dust off your N64 because it will have gathered a ton of dust by this time.  Pop in the game, and now you can play a brand new adventure which is basically the plot of One Piece with Mario characters.  And you can never turn the game back to the way it was before, so you'd better enjoy it, or you'll have to find a new copy.
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How to play as Bowser

Turn your N64 on at exactly 3:41 A.M.  Then get 27 stars and go to Bob-omb Battlefield.  Go up the mountain and wait until it is Friday, March 13, 2024 and then turn off your system.  In three years, move to Texas and rob a bank.  Then go back home and turn your game back on and you will be Bowser.

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Nice of that Bowser cheats, guys. Here's a quicky one!

Play as Bomberman:
First complete all N64 Bomberman games (including Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!). Then, go to your kitchen and get a soda. Then turn on SM64. When Mario's head appears, pour a soda on the cartridge. Mario will get wet and say "Are you pouring sodas at me?". Yell the answer "no" and hold A, B and Start. Now, get all 120 stars. Beat the final Bowser. When the cake comes up, insert Bomberman Quest into the Transfer Pak that came from the Pokémon Stadium box. And put the Transfier Pak into the first controller. Reset the game. Instead of Mario's head appearing, Bomberman's face will be there, shouting "BOM-BER-MAAAAAN!". Now you can play as Bomberman! Throw some bombs at the Goombas!
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Why do we not let it die?

8) Watch Super Mario Super Show, and recite EVERY LINE as it happens for EVERY EPISODE! (If you mess up, you have to start over.)

How about: Quote every line of every episode to your friends, if they can stand it, you can go on.

Hahahaha! Nice one! Here's my latest cheat:

Play as Manaphy:
First, hack SM64 with a ROM editor. Then play Pokémon Battle Revolution. Transfer Manaphy from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver and shout the name "MANAPHY!" (or shout the nickname when you give the nickname to it) 2010 times. On the 2011th time, Manaphy will look at you and say "You're driving me crazy!". Then he disappears and the game resets itself. Now put a PBR CD into your computer's CD drive. Play SM64 with Project64 while PBR is in the drive. Get all 120 stars and Manaphy will appear on the roof instead of Yoshi. Talk to him and he offers you a Nintendo Wii. He will also asks you to replace Mario. If you say no, you'll get a Game Over. If you say yes... then CONGRATS! You can play as Manaphy!
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LEGO-ify the game:
First, you must have preformed the SM64 Lock-on cheat mentioned earlier in this topic. Then, put a Lego in the memory expansion slot. Now start playing on file C. Get 24 stars and go to the 1st Bowser. When you fight him, open the memory expansion slot again. The Lego should be gone. If not, start over. Defeat Bowser, and he will drop the Lego you put in. Take it, and then turn the N64 off. Put the N64 version of Lego Racers into the Lock-on slot. Turn on the N64 again and LR should start. Play Cicruit mode and get 1st place in all of the circuits. When you beat Rocket Racer Run, a message will appear that says that there is a new track unlocked. Play Single mode and a Lego version of N64 Rainbow Road will be unlocked in the Rocket Racer circuit. Get 1st place on it and then SM64 will start, but the whole game will be made of Legos! Now, whenever you put on LR, SM64 will be Lego!

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Play as Snivy (the Grass Snake Pokémon):
First beat Pokémon Black or White Version with Snivy as a starter (DO NOT EVOLVE SNIVY) and then put the DS Card into the pocket. Then beat SM64 with all 120 stars. Then press L L L R R R A B A B A B A B C> C< R quickly by the time Peach kisses Mario. A DS slot will appear on the top of the SM64 cartridge. Turn the N64 off and put your Pokémon B&W DS card into the SM64 cartridge and turn the N64 on. When Mario's face appears, shout "Snivy, attack Mario!" and Snivy uses Solarbeam at Mario. And then you can play as Snivy!
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Upgrade the graphics:
For this cheat you will need:
A copy of SM64DS
A soldering iron
A screwdriver
Once you assemble the tools listed, open up your SM64 cart. If you find a Lego inside, leave it in there. Then solder the pins of the DS cart to points on the circuit board. Close the game back up and the graphics will look like SM64DS! (Note: will not work in Lego mode unless you also solder in a Lego game)

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Get a 122nd star:
First perform a "121st Star and Play as Luigi" cheat that Forest Guy made. Then get a SM64 cartridge and rests in 2 hours and play Pokémon Black and White version. After 2 hours, play SM64 and perform the "Play as Snivy" mentioned earlier in this topic. As Snivy, jump into the clock and reach the star in 10 minutes. After, perform SushieBoy's "Jolly Rancher JunkYard" cheat and use Brass Knuckles as Snivy to smash the wall. Elec Man from Mega Man 1 is there, and he'll freak out and gives you the 122nd star!
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