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Enlighten me!  Entertain me!  Tell me what your favorite title is and why..  Do you consider videogames an emerging artform?  What's your favorite Nintendo series?  Would you ever wear a pair of white tights and a green nightcap?  

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 My favourite video game series of all time is definately Breath of Fire. When I found out that Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter is only for PS2, I cursed at my PC, with tears in my eyes. See how much I love video games, now? As for the green hat ... last Halloween, I dressed up as Skull Kid (Zelda's laughing Majoras Mask baddy) and ran down dark alleys, shrieking random comments for no apparent reason. Heh, I sure am strange!

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Whoa, whoa! Too many questions at once!

Paper Mario is my favorite game. It put the classic plot, with a twist, and there wasn't a moment where you couldn't forget the storyline. This, of the many Mario games, actually HAD a very distinct plot. SMRPG and SMS were the other exceptions.

VG's as an art form? Sure! Especially since I love both. Designing the backgrounds, levels, sprite/characters, and the music and acting are DEFINITELY a form of art.

Fave Nintendo series? MARIO, of course. :)
DK's my second fave, so far. I still need to play LoZ games. :( for that Link costume, no, never. I might dress up as another character for like Holloween or a costume party or something. Heheh...Overalls and a red shirt I'd wear normally, at least since girls can wear overalls and not look hill-billy-ish. :)

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Amuse you eh? Well...

My personal shrine to Mario happens to me one of those McDonald's Mario jumping things that doesn't work because one of my friends cracked the base, and 2 pyramid-shpaed things that have nothing to do with Mario. One came from Las Vegas when my grandparents went there on vacation, and the other I got from my geometry teacher because he had about 20 of them and I thought the one on his desk looked cool. It has a calendar from 2002 on it! Heh heh heh.

Best shrine ever.

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Now that's slapstick.

Is there any way to post pictures on this board?

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Slapstick. I think that's the first time I've EVER been called that. That term has an air of superficiality to it. I am not superficial. In fact, I detest being referred to as a shallow person. It makes me seems too much li----

Oh dear, there I go again. It's late here. Don't mind me; I make irrational comments when I am tired. Anyways...

There is a certain HTML loophole here; that is, you aren't SUPPOSED to be able to post pictures here, but... some members here can. It's kind of pointless if you ask me, though.

PS: That "shrine" is actually a real thing. I didn't make that up.

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Heh, yes, there certainly is a way to post pictures here. Post the URL to the picture you want to post and I can edit it for you and post the image.
That was a joke.