Author Topic: Worst Videogame-based cartoons  (Read 3708 times)

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I can't watch any Nintendo cartoon. They all bore me to death, no matter how much I like the characters. Why do all the Yu-Gi-Oh! products say 1996 Kazuki Takahashi? Is that franchise 7 years old?

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First of all the newest video game based Cartoons ,ex. Kirby,Sonic X,Megaman NT Warrior and Pokemon are pretty good.Second Pokemon is not Complete Crud The upcoming pokemon advance season looks to be pretty good I dont care what you say I think Pokemon is cool Please dont hate me for that.Oh yeah for the record Pokemon has a fanbase as big as this one.

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Hey, I was just kidding about Kirby. I agree with a guy. The Pokemon cartoon is not the best anime, and it is kinda dumb, but it's still alot better than that old, crappy Mega Man cartoon, or the old American made Sonic cartoons. Man though, I just found out that Urkal STILL plays Sonic. Geez, when will they hire someone new, for pete sake? Anyway, the cartoon that will be taking Kirby's place on the list will be... (see for yourself).


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 Jman is right, you forgot yu-gi-oh. Ok, some of you might like yu-gi-oh, but I think it's just stupid. But thats MY opinion...... I don't want to start a roit. But there is one thing I like about yu-gi-oh..... and that is yu-gi's hair style...... hahahaha

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They're making the ninja turtles into a video game for GC and GBA, based on the cartoon.  I want to get the "heroes on a half shell" for GBA.

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I like Kirby Right Back at Ya! and Super Mario Bros. Super Show, but the others pretty much sucked.

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most videogame based shows are terrible because they are changed from the games they are based off (and lazy artists and unimaginative writers don't help). But really, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show wouldn't have done very well at all if it hadn't been changed at least a little. This was a time when there were only two mario games to go off of. Now, there are so many mario games that, if some company were to make a cartoon based on more than one or two of them, it would be a very nice cartoon indeed.

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