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Okay, I was watching Who Wants To Be A Millionare tonight and the next thing I know Regis say "Going for 4000.  What occupation are the Super Mario Bros? A.DoctorsB.PlumbersC.PolicemenD.Firemen.  I thought it was neat so I thought some other people might be interested in this.


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Cool. How did the contestant answer the question?

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He said "I watched the movie and I played the game when it first came out so I know that the answer would be B, plumbers.  

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If I'm counting right, that would make two Video Game questions, right? The Pokémon question, and now Mario. Wonder what's next? (On a side note, anybody notice how mad Regis got when that dumb blond didn't know her directons? That's a classic...)

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And if anyone watches the show 21, there was a pac man question on there one time.  And the guy got it wrong.