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I have two reasons for bringing this thread back from the grave.

1. Awesome stuff just went down; I got an ultra-rare item, which I can sell for millions of Meat in the mall. It seemed more fitting to post it here than in the HOPEFUL thread.
2. The last post in this thread was two and a half years ago. Loads of people have joined the FF since then, and a few of them actually stayed, so I figured we might be able to get some new blood. Furthermore, the game has changed so much in the last few years that some of the old users might want to try again.

Our clan, wheres dezzer, still exists. However, the only accounts in it at this point are the multis of MaxVance and Insane Steve. Judging from the lack of players who joined Astro Empires, I don't think we need an official TMK clan at this point, but if enough people join, we could start using it again.

Link is still in the first post, but for convenience:

Also, use Firefox. It won't necessarily make your game experience any better, but you should be using something other than IE anyway, and the Combat Action Bar (the game's name for the optional WoW-esque command bar) may exhibit unpredictable behavior that's not going to be fixed in anything except Firefox and IE. Furthermore, if you use Greasemonkey, there are a lot of scripts made specifically for the game (though you'll need to be using Firefox, because Greasemonkey for IE apparently requires a lot of script editing for compatibility).


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Was it totally redone?
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It's still mostly the same battle system, and some of the basic framework from back in 2006 (heck, some of the stuff from when the game started in 2003) has remained the same.

However, an enormous update back in mid-2007, NS-13, revamped many of the early quests and slowed down speed play in two main ways - one, by adding level requirements on consumables, and two, by adding two large new quests at levels 11 and 12, which combined are easily the length of the preceding ten; the Naughty Sorceress was moved from level 11 to 13, giving the update its name. NS-13 also added two new ascension types, Bad Moon and Casual (no special restrictions, but the character doesn't retain a skill upon ascension, and runs of this type are ineligible for leaderboards), and a slew of other smaller changes and bug fixes.

Furthermore, they've been adding a lot of post-NS content (a clan dungeon, Hobopolis, that features some multiplayer interaction, and an optional post-level 13 underwater quest that's being steadily expanded every few weeks). This is in addition to the major overhauls they've given a few quests after it was shown - with essays and/or math, because that usually works - that they didn't work in NS-13 in their original form, relatively minor changes such as beginning combat skills for all classes and giving Moxie classes the ability to pickpocket enemies, new content from some Items of the Month in the last few years (fortunately, the items to access this content can be bought from the Mall relatively cheaply instead of requiring the donation familiars that drop the items), and a bunch of holiday content (especially Christmas, when we've gotten a nice quest and cool presents every year since I started playing again).

Oh, one more thing: Asymmetric's new programmer, CDMoyer, has done much for the game's interface in the few months he's been working for them. Things like purchasing items from the mall without scrolling through a particular store's hundreds of items or using multiple items at once from your inventory - including food and booze - is now possible thanks to him. It's also possible to do many in-game functions through the chat system, similar to many larger MMOs (especially with the macro system).