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I revived this topic to tell you about a really cool glitch in SMA3: Yoshi's Island. (I did NOT find this one myself, but I don't think it's documented on this site.)

In either Bowser's Castle or Mystery of the Castle? (it's a lot easier to do it in Mystery of the Castle?), find a place where a red switch is sitting near the left edge of a lava pit. Jump into the pit, but turn to the left and hug the left side. When you touch the lava, you will die and fly up to the left. But wait! When you land on the switch, you will revive! You will still, however, lose a life from your life count. One especially cool thing about this glitch is that if you have 0 lives left when you do this, you will get............ 999 lives! Cool, huh?

I'm not sure if this works in the SNES version or not. But in that game, there is no Mystery of the Castle? stage, and I think you can only get 99 lives.

I'll try to get back to this thread sometime to list a couple of glitches in SMB2, but I'll have to perform them again to find out the details.
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A glitch I found myself in SMB2 is that if you pick up a key, and Phanto comes alive, exit the room and re-enter. He will come alive again, but the Phanto that came alive the first time will fly in, then you have two Phantos chasing you! If you leave the room or die it will go back to one Phanto. This was fixed in SMAS.

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Cool! I'll have to try that one out.

Since I'm already posting, I might as well try to recall one of the glitches I mentioned without actually getting back to that place in the game. In World 5-3 of SMB2, pick up the first Pidgit in the room before Clawgrip, and ride his carpet until you get to the other one. Throw the Pidgit to kill the other one while you are moving. Your carpet will start moving really fast! You can get to the cloud platforms with Shyguys with ease this way. I think this also works in SMAS.

Oh, and here's one from SMA2 (GBA Super Mario World). This one is coolest in Cookie Mountain. First, get Yoshi. Then come to the place with a fireball-spitting Jumpin' Piranha Plant. Now start to eat it when a fireball is falling on your head. If Yoshi's tongue has grabbed it when you're hit, Mario will fall off Yoshi, but the Piranha Plant will have been displaced! It is off-center in the pipe and cannot hurt you except with its fireballs! You can't touch it, but Yoshi can still eat it. (When you get hit, Yoshi just runs between the two pipes around the one with the P.P., so you can get him back easily.) Repeat this to make the Piranha Plant more and more off-center; you can actually get him between pipes or into one of the other ones! This glitch also works with Volcano Lotuses.
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In Paper Mario: TTYD go in front of a building, get out koops, use his hold move and go behind a building. koops will go through the building to mario. (this only works with certain buildings).
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I don't remember if I posted this one somewhere else, but:

SMW, Cheese Bridge 1. There's at least one rope that dangles past logs below. Grab on and slowly climb down. When you touch your feet to the logs, the rope should still drag you, but Mario will  be in the standing position. You can walk out of this, but you'll walk slowly as if "Tangled up." Yes, I found this myself, in the middle of an attampt at the secret exit.

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In SMB 1 I discovered a glitch... but it requires a layout of blocks that can be found nowhere in the original game.


> = Mario

X = Block

_ = Pit

In a water level, when you duck right up against the wall on the left side, and the layout is exactly like that, the pit will pull you under the hanging wall and you will get past it. Kinda random, but it is required in level 2-2 of my SMB 1 hack.

NOTE: You do it with Super Mario.

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I'm sure I've already posted this glitch, but in SMA2, if you go into Star World 1 and get the key, then run into the wall on the right, and let the key go, Mario's sprite will become blurred!

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The Yoshi's Island glitch that smfan1085 mentioned is working in the SNES version. I have been testing it with EggVine.

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Wow. This is the first topic I ever posted in on this board (or on any board). It's an interesting topic, too. I have another glitch which is for SMB2 (NES), but I will have to check up on it first.

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I have a small one:
In SM64DS go to Bob-bom(sp?)Battle field pick up a bomb manning the cannon and pick him up and toss him at the wall. If done correctly the bomb should go through the wall.


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Here's a weird glitch on SMW that I don't suggest doing (I lost my save file that had a lot of levels unlocked)When the game is on, whack the cartridge while the console is on. You'll get a blank screen with music from the game playing in the background. Doesn't work with any of these games I've tried: Super Mario Kart, Yoshi's Safari, and Donkey Kong Country.

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In MKDD your characters might act like they're going to fall off Rainbow Road even when you're in the middle of the road. While I'm posting... It's not a glitch, but it is cool: In SM64DS Yoshi can make SQUARE eggs by eating crates!

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Can we also post glitches that we found a game that stared Luigi?
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sorry about the double post but I ment, a game that stars Luigi.
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That's still considered a Mario Game. Any game with a character originally from a Mario game would, really. And either way, the Game Help board doesn't HAVE to be about a Mario game (though you'd get best results if it were a Nintendo game, at least)

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