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Hoh geeze...

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Anyway, I think that SMB2 was very underrated. If you can get past the weirdness of mario and co. throwing vegetables at enemies, it's actually quite a good game.

SMB2 was a true classic, and there are too many people who say it's not a true Mario game and consider it far inferior to the other titles.
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I don't consider SMB2 inferior. I liked it, but I consider the Japanese version of SMB2 to be the actual SMB2. I enjoyed both (though I was only able to finish SMB2J in its Lost Levels incarnation on SMAS).

They both have very awesome things that I like about them (SMB2J's stepped up difficulty and altered graphics, SMB2USA's uniqueness from the rest of the Mario series).
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I think that the Naruto: Clash of Ninja series is underrated.

Sure it was horrible from the start, but it was an easy game to pick up and play. Later versions had 4-Player fights which were fun with other people. The Special Attack animations are also fun to watch.

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Aren't there only two Clash of Ninja games available?
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There's at least 4 on the Gamecube, with a fifth coming out for the Wii. In Japan anyway. The third and fourth installments haven't been released in America yet.
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Yes, there are only 4 released right now.

US version- Clash of Ninja (2 installments)
JPN version- Gekitou Ninja Taisen! (4 Installments)


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Anybody remember the game "Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure?"  It was developed by Apogee software in the early 90s, along with some other good, possibly underrated games.
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Yeppers, sure do. Played that along with Commander Keen and Duke Nukem 1 and 2.

Good stuff!

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Weeeeeee, bump.

I've cracked open ZSNES since I've had a lot of free time over winter break and rediscovered two puzzle-type games (both for SNES, obviously) that I don't think many people have heard of.

First off, Spindizzy Worlds. You play as a top-like probing craft that runs around isometric "planets" trying to figure out how to get past each room and clear the planet. You can beat a world by getting to a teleport device, collecting all the "items" in a room, etc. It's a bit hard to describe, but some of the levels have some very clever solutions.

The one I'm working on now is Krusty's Super Fun House. Yes, a puzzle-type game based on the Simpsons series. You play as Krusty, who has to run around his mansion and pick up blocks and other things to guide a group of rats to an exterminator to clear each level. Starts easy, but it gets surprisingly difficult (I recommend an emulator for some of these levels; there's some I don't think I'd be able to pass without savestates).


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Man, I remember  the second game.... I once had this racing game on the N64, was called Mickey's speedway USA (Or something) yes I know, usually games like these are crappy, but this one, wasn't! I started out that some thieves stole Mickey's dog pluto for his daimond collar, and are out and about through the country, so the gang goes of to save them, I had good track design, and graphics superior to MK64, but I lost it :(
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Incidentally, my brother decided to try out Krusty's Super Fun House the other night, only he didn't really like it (I never could get into it).

It's hard for me to look at games and tell how most people feel about them, and it's particularly hard with the fact that so many games could be considered cult classics, and that a lot of the opinion could be from having a mediocre game when you were a child, so it got to grow on you more (even in rental).

But I feel like saying E.V.O.: Search for Eden, only because I always liked this scene, from when you enter a level and choose to rule the land with the Tyrasaurus (after which you get to continue exactly where you did before, without even losing a life).