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Many of the superhero cartoons are serious, like Superman or Batman, for instance. It may just be the DC and Marvel ones that are serious, though.
Other than those types, I can't think of any others off the top of my head.
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HOLY FREAKIN' DUKAR! A hugely old email from me ended up in there!!! My old email used to be IamSamnoegsnoham... I was such a n00b.
All your dreeeeeeams begiiin to shatterrrrrr~
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Lemme go see how much of a n00b Bird Person used to be *goes to see* That's not nearly as n00b as I was. My letter was in the podcast. And I'm embarassed to tell you which one was me!
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I'm a little scared to hear the respone to my letter in the previous mailbag.  "Sup, ma bro Chuppason!" What in the world was I thinking?! X__X XD

Edit: Okay, that wasn't so bad.  Wow, you guys were totally losing it! XD I'm a little worried though that I shamed you.

Professor Deepthrought asked whether or not I was going to write that fan fic I mentioned before (I think the one where I said TMK people would go to the real Mushroom Kingdom) and my answer is no.  I'm not going to write that, but instead I hope to work on a new fan fic that could be 100 times better.  DT, you can check out "Mario and TMK unite!" in the Story Boards if you want a story like that. ;)
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