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I will vouch for the article that DeadAwake linked. It is by far the best means of fixing those old NES with blinking screens and I have personally seen it work on 2/2 NES with problems.

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Hm. Maybe I should bust out the ol' NES and go for another shot. The problem was they wouldn't budge, but I guess I'll give it another try.

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I've heard about the non-budging pin problem before--never in real life, though, so it's not something I can look at... I think people may be trying to tug the pins in the wrong place.  It shouldn't be difficult at all.  Keep in mind that, naturally, the pins have to connect back to the main board, so there are a lot of opportunities for sticking the screwdriver in a place that won't work.

Here's my tip:  When you take the top cover off the NES, stick a cartridge into the connector and observe where it makes contact.  See where the bottom row of metal pins is touching (or, perhaps in this case, almost touching) the cartridge connectors?  Each tiny pin has a thin, black, plastic wall separating it from the next.  You need to gently wedge the screwdriver between this wall and the pin, and nudge it up.

Of course, I could be way off the mark, and your pins are made of titanium.  I dunno.  The important thing is to get a working NES!  So, try this out right away!  Congrats for your friend, AB.
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Hm. I've been trying to fit the screwdriver underneath the pin in between the pin and the motherboard, and use the screwdriver as a lever to lift it up. I'll probably try your method, since mine doesn't seem to be working.

Should I tweak the top connectors too?

(Sorry for taking over your help thread, AB)

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I'm embarassed to say I've never even thought about tweaking the top ones... Are they even spring-loaded?  I'm trying to remember what the inside looks like... There must be some reason why I never considered it before.
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I don't doubt that they are spring loaded... I didn't take the time to take off the cover and carefully examine how the cart works in the NES, but since the whole thing moves down when you press it, they must have SOME importance.


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The top ones are the ones you restore in the first place, Dimwit!
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I'm going to assume you're talking to me, in which case I don't appreciate your post. Not only does it not help me, it also doesn't make much sense. If you're going to replace pins, wouldn't you replace ALL of them (by getting a new 72-pin connector), instead of just the top ones? Your insult doesn't make things much better, either. If you were talking to DeadAwake, I'm sure he wouldn't like being insulted, but I can't speak for him.
Sorry. Bad day.

Anyway, thanks for all the help, DeadAwake and others, I'll be sure to post here if and when I give it another go.