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« on: November 15, 2006, 10:23:05 PM »
There have been an abundance of Mario T-shirts available for sale in recent years, so yet another design shouldn't be any surprise.  Except this one from Dolce & Gabana.  It costs $175. 

Throw in the recommended pre-worn jeans to go with the shirt and you'll be set back $520.  That's more than the Basic model PS3!  Not only is the shirt terribly ugly (it looks like they simply printed a magazine ad), it's not like most gamers are especially fashion conscious or have bucket loads of cash.  Will anybody actually buy this abomination?
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... 0_o

I've lost faith in how people price their merchandise.

Seriously, for that many bills, they could at least give you a good looking T-Shirt. That just looks like a magazine ad ironed on a T-Shirt! With $520, I could buy a Wii, an extra controller & nunchuck, and all the games I wanted for launch, and possibly a classic controller and some Wii points!

Really, you'd be the most popular kid in class if you bought this. Everywhere else, not so much. People don't want to buy a shirt for $175. They want a Wii, so that's kinda bad timing on Dolce & Gabana's part. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this Shirt!
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I wonder if I'd be as pretty as that model if I bought that shirt.

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That shirt looks like roadkill. I mean, who would buy that shirt? And who has that type of money? Those jeans are overpriced and the shirt looks like roadkill. We were saving for the Wii, not a stupid shirt and some pants...who spends that kind of money on a crappy shirt. The shirt looks like the guy took his little bros. shirt, ironed on a crappy picture, and put his other brothers to-little shirt on underneath. And then it ripped at the shoulders.
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TEM, we can only hope you'd look as good wearing that shirt.

Yeah, go ahead, buy a $15 T-shirt for $175.  Oh, and you want a pair of jeans that are already dirty?  Let me know, I could use a couple hundred bucks for my old pants.  I'm rather surprised they aren't selling plastic bag shoes for another $200.
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Ordered.  They also suggested some $130 sunglasses so I got those too.


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At least make the model realistic. I doubt that person would recognize the SMB theme if he heard it.
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Because Mario fans always look like a certain type of person...probably blond with glasses and stubble.

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The people bashing the price probably don't realize the genius design, synthesizing a biting commentary on the commercialization of our society with the brand-identity machine that T-shirts have become. Furthermore, the ultralight yellow provides the perfect eye-cleansing background to fully absorb the truly chilling content of the inner rectangle.

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You're right... *buys a few more*

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Why not just buy a kit and make your own iron on transfers that look at LEAST 5 times less ugly?

Oh yeah, I'm sure we ALL look like that model too....  Why would you WANT to wear worn out pants?  Just go get some new pants (for less than half the cost of worn pants) and drag 'em behind your car for 100 miles or so.  Less than instant worn out pants for half the cost!  (Plus chicks dig the pants hanging off the back of your car.)

Unless pants are considered distacting to other drivers.....
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You're forgetting the 100 miles worth of gas.


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Also you have to get the scent of exhaust out of them.
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