TMK: Five years and counting!

Ever since I uploaded TMK's first page, all I wanted to do was run my little Mario fan site. After five years, almost one-fourth of my life has been consumed by this website. Completely consumed. When I'm not working on the site, even when I'm away from home, there's always that "TMK" thing in the back of my head. "I need to add such and such. Such and such needs reformatting. How should I describe such and such?" Perhaps such obsessiveness is one reason people think the site is so good. It also means this site is going to be hard to walk away from.

Since day one, I had two goals in mind: Get a million hits, and get linked from Check, and check. In December of 2001, as you may recall, TMK surpassed one million hits. And believe it or not, we were linked from Nintendo's NList before they redesigned their site. After five years, and after reaching my goals, I feel there's nothing more I need to accomplish. Well, maybe if I actually started promoted my site outside of search engines, 10 million hits might be a nice goal. ;)

Why have I continued to run this site for five years? And for free, at that? Good question. Perhaps it's my dedication to Nintendo and all they stand for. Perhaps it's my love of the Mario series, continuously delivering unadulterated fun while Nintendo's competition is content on making interactive movies. Perhaps it's because... I just enjoy it.

Now that I've rambled on and almost completely off topic, here's a TMK mini-timeline to help fill in the gaps for you newcomers.

1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
Servers GeoCities SimpleNet
Hit milestones 1 100,000 250,000 500,000 1,000,000
Webmaster Dan "Deezer" W.

Before we start another five years, some thanks need to be said. Thanks to:

  • Everyone who has visited.
  • Everyone who has mailed in, either to contribute a file, contribute information, or just to say hi.
  • Our host ClassicGaming and ex-ClassicGaming editor Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen for giving TMK a chance to live on.
  • All our staff.
And of course, thanks to Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto for the wonderful Mario games of the past, present, and future. With the Nintendo GameCube, the Mario series has the potential to get even better. I will do my best to follow suit with my little fan site.

The Mushroom Kingdom \ 3/24/2002
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