TMK Turns 7

Seven years sounds like a long time, but it sure didn't seem that long. So anyway, what's been going on around the website lately?

First of all, we nearly doubled our staff last year with the addition of Chupperson, Sapphira, and Lizard Dude. This, of course, should translate into more updates next year. Second, our new chatroom celebrated its sixth-month anniversary last week. We're always up for some intelligent conversation about Mario or whatever, so stop on by and idle with us. Lastly, MEGA▀ąTE's database system (implemented this month) brings new and exciting possibities for the future, and should facilitate future updates.

The future
Projects include revamping game info pages and getting the Mariopedia into a database. Currently both are in the planning stages, but I think it's safe to say we'll see the new game pages first—once I decide on a design.

It seems like these birthday specials get shorter every year, but I'm sure you'd rather see more content and less ramblings anyway. If you have any comments or suggestions, drop us a line. If you'd like to help us out, check out the wanted list.


The Mushroom Kingdom \ 3/24/2004
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