TMK's 9th Birthday
One to go

State of the Kingdom

The last year has certainly been an exciting one. The Mariopedia was featured on Attack of the Show, we posted our 100th mailbag, migrated to a new GameSpy server, and gave the Fungi Forums a big upgrade. Phew!

The excitement continues with today's other update. After many design tweaks and several bouts of laziness, the game info database is finally here! The newest game additions still need info filled in, but we'll get some meat on that skeleton pretty soon.

The future
The next project is the Mariopedia database. I have no estimated completion date for that, but hopefully most of it will be done before our next birthday. Also, keep an eye on the updates for a surprise or two...

As we await the launch of Nintendo's next console, can the next year be bigger than the last? We hope you will stay with us to find out.


The Mushroom Kingdom \ Birthdays \ 03/24/2006