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Wow, this is hard. There's so many people worthy of being PotD... but here are my votes.

Poster of the Decade:

1) Lizard Dude
2) CrossEyed7
3) Weegee
4) Chupperson Weird 
5) BP
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Poster of the Decade voting ends in about 10 hours or so! Get your votes finalized tonight!
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My PotD votes..

1. Deezer
2. Lizard Dude
3. CrossEyed7
4. BP
5. Tie between Weegee, Chupperson, Rao, and several others
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Alright, polls are closed now. Results should be up before the 3DS comes out in America.
"Oh man, I wish being a part of a Mario fan community was the most embarrassing thing about my life." - Super-Jesse

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you're fired


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Hey, I still have two days.
"Oh man, I wish being a part of a Mario fan community was the most embarrassing thing about my life." - Super-Jesse


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Poster of the Year

His Pionpi-killing skills are second to none (except maybe Goombella), and he's published more books than most other members of this board combined. He's Brian!

He stares at you weirdly while you answer geography questions. He's Weegee!

Post of the Year

Coming in first for Post of the Year is one of 2010's most in-depth discussions of the mechanics of the Marioverse. It's Reading's pipe diss--

Yo, Reading's pipe dissertation, I'm real happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Turtlekid had one of the best posts of all last year. OF ALL LAST YEAR.

Also worthy of note is Lizard Dude's touching rendition of a classic song, Thunderstorm the Distance.

Topic of the Year

The second-best game of 2009 led to the first-best topic of 2010. So seriously, why don't you have A Boy and His Blob yet?


Something a little more thought-provoking for a change. Can computers become sentient? Maybe we should ask the Poster of the Year runner-up from 2009...

Image of the Year

Coming in first for Image of the Year is... me, with a No Russian reference. (You guys did get the reference, right? You didn't think I was just randomly shooting gay guys for no reason, right?)

In second is a game that totally should have been actually released by now: Super Toad!, by FlamingBlueMario, aka The Artist Formerly Known As FlamingBlueMardio.

But of course we mustn't forget the image that really stole the show last year. It's Extreme Close-Up of Turtlekid's Face!

Most Amiable Poster

Nice people? On this board? Travesty, you say! But not so does Pt_Peach say! Because she is nice!

And also, to a lesser extent, does so Kimimaru say!

Funniest Poster

Where would we have been last year without Weegee? Not in a place where people who laugh go.

Tied for second funniest are ShadowBrain and the Master from Brave Little Toaster. I'd totally pay to see them fight to the death for that title.

Most Creative Poster

Hey, do you ever get the feeling that someone is staring at your name on an award next to pictures you drew? That's because YOU WON!

Anyone who draws crossbreeds of Lady Gaga and Deku Babas for me deserves an award.

Shouts should also be thrown out to JazzyLuv, whose vibrant and colorful art found a welcome home here at the end of the year.

Most Creepiest Poster

Feel free to re-use the joke you wrote last year involving the words "Member" and "Wiggles", even though "Member" has been replaced with "Poster" in the title of the award this year.

He did seem a bit too eager for me to draw that picture of Ivy with cat ears and whiskers, if you ask me.

Okay, this is a category I totally should've won. "Hey, I like your nose. I'm going to Facebook stalk you now and become convinced that you're my soulmate!" Seriously, guys.

Smartest Poster

And the winner of Smartest Poster 2010 is... the author of "Need reindeer poop asap!"

He's so smart, his brain makes his glasses crooked.

Best Mod

There's nothing like a good mod. These guys come close, though.

I hate how in the Modern version of Chef, Yoshi lags behind you by a couple of seconds with no real warning when he's growing or laying an egg. Makes it so you have to keep track of how much he's eaten. So yeah.

Best Newbie

JazzyLuv is 2010's Best Newbie, by a unanimous vote!

Don't tell me you don't remember this guy, though.
Something that is disgusting? Cleaning up after a cat.

Blast from the Past

The old guard is always welcome back here. Even the insane ones.

We always knew he'd come back eventually. No one can resist the allure of these hallowed halls forever. They always pull you back in.

Most Missed

I should probably finish these awards faster, huh?

What happened to these guys, seriously? They were awesome.

Most Improved

This year, it's turtles all the way up.
That would be a good line for a really stupid movie trailer, actually.

I was considering combining their names on the certificate to make "Weezer", but then I remembered I'm not stupid.

Dynamic Duo

Things are certainly never boring with these two around. Passion, stubbornness, and respect lead to some great discussions.

Also quite fun to watch interact were foxmccloudfan and coolkid. I kinda miss those days. Kinda.

Queen of Posters

Dangit, I had twenty bucks riding on Weegee winning this category. Oh, well. Congrats, Pt_Peach!

I guess JazzyLuv could be considered the Princess of Posters, but I didn't feel like changing the text at the time.

WTD Award

omg glorb are funnay
also he is banned

Every board needs a Suber Bloober around. Keeps things interesting.

Deezer Award

And the coveted Deezer award goes to... Rick Moranis! Who then donated the award to Deezer.


Post of the Decade

Here's one chart that's not upside down: Ped Xing has won Post of the Decade!

Have you ever had puffs of air shot into your eye? Then shut up.
I don't know whether you said yes or no. Shut up anyway.

An essential piece of Fungi Forums history rounds out the Post of the Decade category, with Trainman's marioguy Wikipedia article.

Topic of the Decade

In being about nothing, it became about everything. The Pointless Topic is the decade's best topic!

Among the most infamous threads on the site, ShadowBrian's Harem is last decade's second-best topic. And to think it all started with a bunch of pictures of Bill Kaulitz. Speaking of which...

...the thread that those Bill Kaulitz pictures showed up in is itself one of the board's most essential topics, and is nearly eight years old now. It's "I think it's about time ... we saw each other"!

Image of the Decade

Really, what else could it be? Quite possibly the most copied picture on the internet, basic outline for most modern memes, and at its core, a very happy picture of a very cute dog. Kiss The Puppy / Advice Dog takes home Image of the Decade!

Edited for your safety. Click it to see the uncensored version.

If the title of this picture wasn't "Ripping Good Time," that's probably the pun I would've made. Since I can't make that pun, I'll just move on.

Poster of the Decade

10: Watoad

8: Weegee & Black Mage (Tie)

7: Glorb

6: TEM

5: BP

4: Deezer

3: Chupperson Weird

2: CrossEyed7

1: Lizard Dude

Insert acceptance speeches here.

And that's it! See you this year!
"Oh man, I wish being a part of a Mario fan community was the most embarrassing thing about my life." - Super-Jesse


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I feel like I cheated to win Most Improved.  I feel like people only thought I improved because I didn't talk as much about religion, politics, or social issues last year (perhaps because of a lack of new threads in NatDT).  Rest assured, I'm still more or less the same right-wing religious nut I've always been - just maybe a little more jaded when it comes to discussing such things on the Internet.
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Poster of the Year? And three other awards related to me?

Why, that makes me...

Makes me...


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Dude, you're bi-winning.
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Congratulations to all the winners! I wonder what's in store for us next year.
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Sacred Bovine, I won a thing! (I expected to be the honorable mention, maybe runner-up)

Also, you're unfired.


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Blast from the past? In 2010 I only posted on, like, April Fool's Day

And I asked why you haven't played a game for the Wii in an argumentative manner

You guys are too easy to please

But seriously, play that game, it's the [dukar]
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Edited for your safety. Click it to see the uncensored version.

Winter 2011 ADVANCED Awards: Post of the Year!

Also, how'd Deezer get most improved?  I thought you couldn't improve upon perfection. 

* Luigison wipes his nose.
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This has shown me that I have a major disconnect with the majority here.

Also, that I'm color blind.