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To further the slow, boring weekends gamers are usually met with during the summer months, TMKblog will be providing you
 with Weekend Movie. These posts will highlight a video the blogger felt worthy of sharing. If you come across a video, or videos, feel free to submit it to me!

I love it when you guys do my work for me. Sure, it's fun to make my own videos, but sometimes you just want your readers to take initiative and make your blog posts their blog posts. So, with that in mind, long time TMK'er NintendoExpert89 sent me this message:

"Hey Super-Jesse, I am writing because I'd like to recommend a Mario Flash sprite-based series I've seen that is done very well, in my opinion, which I think would be suitable for the Weekend Movie. It is a five part series called "Mario Brothers" which details Bowser's conquering of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario's struggle between the grief of his fallen brother and the courage to build an army and overthrow the Koopa Empire. I must assure you, it is quite dark and it does not really have a happy ending."

I personally watched these way back when there were only two episodes of the five, and now I'll have a chance to catch up! Thanks for the tip, and as you requested, here's this weekend's movie, Mario Brothers. Thanks again to NintendoExpert89 for the submission!

Weekend Movie:
Mario Brothers
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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