Author Topic: New Notes: The Experience Points "Try Blowing On the Cartridge"  (Read 1098 times)


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« on: July 10, 2019, 09:25:20 AM »
Do you like video game music and jazz?

You DO?

Amazingly enough, WTMK is now featuring jazzy covers of Mario music from a new Canadian video game music band, Experience Points!  Funk-groove-swinging-jazz sounds abound throughout their album.  Tune in to WTMK today, and visit their site if you'd like to pick up a copy of Try Blowing On the Cartridge, their debut album.  Tracks from Donkey Kong Country, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Odyssey, and more abound on their new release -- and you can catch some of them on WTMK: All Mario Radio, All the Time.

(P.S. Don't blow on NES cartridges -- the condensation in your breath can lead to oxidization of the contacts, causing Goombas to crawl out of your tv screen.)

WTMK - All Mario Radio, All the time!
Experience Points site -
Bandcamp -
Let's do the Mario, all together now!