Do you think that it's fair to dismiss a game for being "short"?

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The difference is that you don't have to pay fifteen bucks for a map pack in TF2.

And the single-player campaigns in a lot of multiplayer first-person shooters are about as vestigial as single-player modes in most fighting games.


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Eh, I'd say BC2's multi is about 50 times better. There is quite a good bit of skill involved. There really aren't any noob tactics and if there are some that seem like it, they always backfire or get you kicked from the game.

Single-player... hm, modern warfare has that action packed, movie plot feel to it with lots of focus on it. Bad Company has a much more desolate setting and it focuses on the "bad company" (the 4 main characters, of course) and their development, rather than strictly plot. It feels more social as well. The characters are very tightly-knit and make a lot of in-game conversation. What sells the dialogue is how normal it is. There's nothing poetic, nothing that feels like some epic, corny speech. It's just everyday talk.
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From what I've seen, the TF2 community is just as bad as the MW2 guys are, since they get incredibly butthurt over the smallest changes in the game.

Well, yes. Bascially, every update to the game, no matter how small, is simultaneously the best and worst update in the history of video games. Additionally, hats are very serious business, and you will get called a noob for using Natascha, Force-a-Nature, or Demoknight (or really, any form of Demoman at all, though that's died down a bit since the game's beginnings), no matter how many different types of kills you get with them.

But, to elaborate on what Warp said, once you buy TF2 (and it's already pretty cheap), it pays for itself, bub. You now have a lifetime free subscription to awesome maps and weapons, and the occasional new gamemode.

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Glorb has received this thread's titular complaint on numerous occasions.

Anyways, I recently completed another run of Super Mario RPG. It took me about four days to smite Smithy, clobber Culex and max out my party's levels. This proves testament to the importance of an RPG's post-game longevity. SMRPG is one of my all-time favourite games, but its lack of worthwhile goals after beating the game is one of the few factors which prevents it from attaining a perfect score in my books.
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"The Neverhood" is short if you know what to do and where to go, and even when looking back on it you realize you didn't really travel much, but it's still very enjoyable and recommended. I'm pretty sure it's abandonware considering I got it off an abandonware site (Home of the Underdogs, naturally), so snag it and give it a try.
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A lot of indie devs recently wrote on this subject.