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If Hillary Clinton is trying to do that, she must NOT be voted into presidency! I like video games and I play them A LOT but I'm not overly obessed with them, whilst some people are. I get good grades, yet I play video game a whole lot. I do my chores and I'm doing good in my math. My mom doesn't say things that insult me but my sisters say I'm obsessed. In short, video games were made for kids to enjoy for hours in a day. What is a sims "mod" anyways? I bet Hil doesn't know what they are XD. I agree, old and new don't mix very well but my dad like video games and in the early 90's, my big sis and bro used to play mortal kombat with him. At least my mom and dad are okay with it. Though I have met a guy I avoid metioning anything video game related around.
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As my US History/Gov't teacher thinks, the country still isn't ready for a female president.

She also thinks there'll be a black man elected before a woman.
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Assumption A: Hillary Clinton is the only female with any chance of being elected to the presidency in 2008.
Assumption B: If a woman is elected president, many places that harbor terrorists, many who still see women as weak-minded people, will invoke several terrorist attacks.
Assumption C: If Hillary Clinton reacts to these attacks in the same way as she reacted to Bill, she will not respond (or respond weakly) to these attacks.

Conclusion A: Hillary Clinton should NOT be elected in 2008. Much as I dislike his policy, I'd re-re-elect Dubya over Clinton at this point. Thankfully, there's that "no more than 2 terms" amendment.

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Thank Franklin Roosevelt. :P
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Basically, if you have hobby that consumes a lot of your time, no matter what the subject, you haven't got a life. How much more will making model trains educate you as opposed to video games? And in today's society, where does that get you when it comes to friends, honestly?
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I may have a boring life, but... here's an example of a conversation.

Me: So, do you have any video game consoles?
Guy: Yeah, I have an XBOX.
Me: XBOX is awesome! I love Halo, it's cool. (True...)
Guy: I also have a Gameboy Advance SP.
Me: Which games?
Guy: Ah, I have Pokemon Ruby...
Me: I have Emerald. I just restarted mine...

...and so, the conversation went.

BTW, sometimes dissimilar interests start conversations as well. I once had a rather interesting chat at a Mexican restaurant with a family friend about someone about four times my age about why he disliked Harry Potter. Go figure. :P
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As for those model train hobbyists, I bet they spend more time with their trains then they do socializing.

Yeah, and with video games, you can invite a few friends over to play and socialize and have a good time. No one wants to come over to see model trains.
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Well, my dad is a model-train enthusiast, and he has tons of friends, but most of them react to any other subject (except maybe John Wayne movies, which they seem to love) as if I said "I'm going to go kidnap a baby and eat it alive". It's very annoying, because they always seem to expect me to know what the heck they're talking about (the only model-train term I know is "On30" and I don't even know what that is) but almost yell at me because I play games. Games don't consume my life like their hobby does. I mean, really, my dad spends about $2000 a year on model trains (and also golf clubs, because he's a golfer) while I spend a maximum of $180 a year on games. I have nothing against his hobbies, really, but he and his friends act like games are the devil (much like Jack Thomphson).


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"They're just jealous"

The only reason they say it is because They dont have them
Why else would they say it?

Me? I play VG's because Its what I do to live. I'm not Kidding. Its the only thing in the world that keeps my mind off of mortalatly, the fact that there is no god, the fact that the sun is a star, and in six billion years, it will grow into a supergaint completely oblitherating the entire solar sytem. Then it will explode into a supernova destroying anything in its raduis. and maybe, just MAYBE, it will change into a black hole, sucking the rest of our puny remains into the unknown. Then the milky way will be lost.......


And whats WORSE?!? the is nope hope of escapeing the blast because even if we did travel at the speed of light, We'd be over a hundred years old and we wouldn't even have reached pluto yet. So forget Aliens. there is NO WAY they're getting here......

.....Only approximattly 70 years of my life left...

---Random mocks from those mortals---

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You're just going to be that loser who works at the s**** cheese factory and dosent do anything but play video games. You'll have no freinds and you'll just shrivel up and die.......

Get a life...

You have no freinds

Just Shrivel up and die...

Just Shrivel up and die...

Just Shrivel up and die...


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My goodness. It seems as if they mean the world to you. Never that for me because they are so NOT keeping me alive. Food, water, air, and God's will keeps me alive.

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The sun will not explode into a supernova or turn into a black hole. It will expand into a giant and obliterate some of the solar system. You could reach Pluto before you die.


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Hey, my dad works on the machines at the cheese factory.
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Maybe if you actually believed in God, you'd have hope? and feel a purpose in life? and a feeling of fulfillment? and... well, you get the idea. Just a suggestion/idea.
(Might I point out that "there is no god," as you said it, is NOT a fact, as you claimed.)
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Nice use of font sizes.

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Sapphira, let him believe what he wants.
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