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I'd say free up more hard drive space. The more hard drive space you have, the more space can be used as virtual memory (I know there's some sort of memory concept that works with available hard drive space. Maybe that's like page files, but that's limited to the page file / swap file). The more stuff on the computer, the slower it is. And I read an article saying that when files are stored to the hard drive, additional info is written for error-recovery purposes (so a file with a few wrong bits can still be read instead of instantly being corrupt) but probably isn't counted in the size of the file. I think it was 40 bytes for every 512 bytes, plus another 40 for finding the sector or whatever, so that's like 14% of the hard drive space gone.

Find old programs you're not using anymore and delete them (I go to Add/Remove Programs and sort by size). Also, defrag the computer to speed things up a little.
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It says something about Turtlekid that he's willing to play long single-player games repeatedly in order to earn silly distinctions that have no effect on gameplay whatsoever, but he won't sit down and play through the rest of the challenges in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (which would allow him to earn items that do have an effect on the game) because they're too hard, even though it'd only take him an hour or two of not sucking at games.

Who ever said they don't affect gameplay?  The medals you earn give you in-game cash to buy cheats, skins, render modes, and bonus videos.  Also, saying that the challenges in 358/2 Days are too hard is like saying the Mariana Trench is too deep.  Unlike Uncharted, success in 358/2 Days is based almost entirely on status effects and critical hits, which are in turn based on luck; add Proud Mode to the mix, in which you deal less damage and take more, and it's going to take a while to 100% it.  If you want to do more damage in Uncharted, aim well and get head shots.  If you want to do more damage in 358/2 Days, either equip Crit-boosting items (which even when maxed out give you a 60% Crit-rate at best, if I remember right), hoping to God that you'll score a lot of Critical hits; or hang back and spam magic, hoping to God you'll inflict a lot of status conditions; or, you could (your favorite method, I'm sure) grind levels, hoping to God that the stat increases will help (not that it applies to challenges with level caps).  None of these methods sound terribly fun to me.
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To be fair, playing through a Kingdom Hearts game in general already sounds hard enough.
Dohohoho. That only really applies where story is concerned (except in KHII, where it applies where anything that isn't the gummi ship is concerned). Which is a bad thing for JRPGs, of course, but still.

So, you'd be better off playing it at a friend's place than buying it?
If you're going to take that position, you might as well not buy any systems, because you could just play the games at a friend's place.

Oh, wait, Weegee has no friends. My bad.

wall of stupidity
Skins, render modes, and bonus videos have absolutely nothing to do with gameplay, and cheats (barring silly things like big head mode, which all games should have) are for losers. And none of those come from Trophies, the useless thing you mentioned in your previous post.


(screencap taken in an emulator because taking pictures of those tiny numbers on a DS screen is practically impossible, and only the bottom screen because it wouldn't render the character model on the top)

The challenges are too hard, eh?

-A 50% crit rate means you're landing a crit every other hit. Which almost always ends up meaning you're landing a crit every hit thanks to how that calculation usually works out. And crits don't really matter anyway if you're not being retarded and are actually dodging enemy attacks, which has absolutely nothing to do with stats and everything to do with paying attention and playing the game. The only time that doesn't apply is if you're playing a challenge where your HP constantly drains, but all of those are easy anyway.
-Spamming magic is useless or counterintuitive against a good number of the game's bosses.
-Level-grinding doesn't really do anything in 358/2 Days, and takes longer than level-grinding in pretty much any other game anyway. Or did you not understand that when I mentioned it months ago? The only reason I'm as high a level as I am there is because I fought Saïx repeatedly in Mission Mode to get the rest of the crowns after completing every mission.

For the most part, challenges boil down to skill, not how well you can bolster the numbers that make up your character. Which is why they're, y'know, challenges.


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...An "I see what you did there" reaction image would've been more fitting in that situation.
That's actually what it looked more like to me. You can interpret it however you want, you know.
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Only at the Fungi Forums can a thread titled "The Pointless Topic" somehow manage to be derailed.
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More like "railed".

From now on, "But it's/they're at home" is going to be my universal response in an argument.
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That link belongs in YG,YL.
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Tsukasa Masuko
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That, in Japanese of course means, "I am a hairy aunt in a hula hoop"


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I should go up to the city more often... there were some fine girls at the mall (and a pack of ****sters, but I digress).
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Unsharpened pencils.
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SB: I Googled "****ster" and got this.


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Oh my god, that kid on the bottom is Egg-Yolkeo.

Or he's a missing family member of the Coneheads. Want more pics.
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SB: I Googled "****ster" and got this.

Oh god it's Ol Dirty *******'s ghost!