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General Chat / Re: Winter 2012 ADVANCED Poster Awards!
« on: February 08, 2013, 08:47:57 PM »
I find it rather ironic that you haven't voted yet, yourself. :P

I would, however, love to vote for the categories for which I'm competent to vote.
So what's stopping you? ;)

Not at the Dinner Table / Re: Sexual Orientation
« on: February 06, 2013, 11:52:41 PM »
Sexist censors! XD

BriGuy, that's because Luigison apparently has censors turned on, and if you edit a post with censored words, the words actually change.

About those words... Originally, uh, the word for "male parts" was censored and in a way that automatically changed the word to something silly. I noticed serious posts that actually dealt with genitalia sounded ridiculous and childish when censored, so I requested that censor be removed. (GASP! Ironic, right?) I guess the equivalent term for "lady parts" was forgotten about, or something. Probably because it's pretty much never said.

(Also, I was one of those kids who giggled incessantly during sex ed. I still feel really weird/uncomfortable saying/typing the clinical terms for genitalia, though, even though I don't find it particularly hilarious or anything. It's probably due to the "squick" factor, or something. Hooray for asexuality! Although I'm one to prefer euphemisms in general anyway.)

...Hahaha, this has got to be one of the weirdest, irony-laden posts I've ever made. XD

Mario Chat / Re: Armor art for Super Mario RPG?
« on: February 05, 2013, 10:41:05 AM »

* Sapphira is giddy with happiness!

Not at the Dinner Table / Re: Sexual Orientation
« on: February 03, 2013, 12:28:01 PM »
The whole not-being-able-to-end-sentences-with-prepositions thing is really, really stupid. I mean, if you can find a way to structure a sentence in a way that doesn't end in a preposition, fantastic, but if it makes the sentence sound awkward and clunky, no. And typically it does.

I also don't see what the big deal is about using "you" in the generic sense. Replacing it with "one" is awkward. And completely restructuring a sentence to avoid it is also annoying. However, this is a "rule" I'm very careful about following in regard to formal writing. I'm pretty careful about the singular they/them/their, too, and sometimes I word the sentence so I can use it in the plural sense. But I still think it's dumb. And this is coming from a stickler for grammar.

.....Anyway. Re: Insane Steve:

Yeah, I wouldn't want to have to compromise there. I don't think it's fair to the other person that their needs not be met, but at the same time, I wouldn't want to feel guilted into it, even if they never actually pressured me. And there's no way in heck I'd be okay with the other person getting their "needs" met elsewhere. At least in my case, it just seems like a lose-lose situation to me, and I could see resentment and tension slowly building. I suppose, in theory, I could maybe tolerate the other person...pleasuring himself to meet those "needs," but in reality I think even that would bother me and really creep me out.

Haha, I remember my mom saying I could marry a eunuch or someone who otherwise can't...ahem...function "down there."
I said, "Yeah, but even if they couldn't do IT, they'd still probably wanna do other STUFF."
Her response was, "...Good point."

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I briefly mentioned before that an aromantic ace would probably frustrate me. Think of it as similar to how a romantic ace could frustrate a sexual person. If I were in a romantic relationship, I'd want romantic intimacy like cuddling, hand-holding, and maybe even G-rated kissing and stuff. (Man, that sounds really cheesy...) And if they were like "NO TOUCHY EVAR!" I'd be like, Ô_o. And I'm not even a touchy-feely person. Otherwise the relationship would be friendship. And friendship is wonderful and fulfilling and all that, but if my expectations were romantic, it'd feel...lacking.

So yeah, I think, for me, the best solution is to find someone with the same orientation as me.

Wow, this post managed to get awkward and suggestive and probably TMI. Sorry. >_<

Mario Chat / Re: Mario Timeline
« on: February 02, 2013, 05:01:53 PM »
Oh yes, there are tons of plotholes in MLPIT. Not to mention some contradictions/inconsistencies with other games (i.e. E. Gadd's back-story).

Anyway, I gots some more stuffs added:

MLPIT (Past) alludes to LM:
~After Young Gadd's lab on Thwomp Volcano is destroyed, he says, "I hear there's an affordable lab at the edge of the Boo Woods. I think I'll relocate there for a time. I have a hankering to do some paranormal research."

SM64DS foreshadows LM?:
~If Luigi defeats him, King Boo says, "I just love the look of terror on your face! In fact, I live for it! Eee hee hee! See you soon!"

PM references SMB:
~Goombario's Tattle of Goombas: "These guys are old school. They've been around since you were in Super Mario Bros.!"

Other information [Paper Mario]:
~Goombario's Tattle of Koopa Troopas: "Is it only my imagination or did Koopa Troopas used to walk around on four legs? I guess that was a really long time ago, huh?"
Koopa Troopas walked on all fours in SMB, SMB2J/LL, SMB3, SML2, and Mario Clash. They began walking upright in SMW, and have, for the most part, been that way ever since. SMG is an interesting exception, and so far is the only game released after PM to have quadruped Koopa Troopas. Troopeas in MLSS and Electro-Koopas from SMS walk on all fours, but they seem to be either different or sub-species. Interestingly, Koopas walk upright in prequel games like YI and MLPIT (Past).

~Goombario's Tattle of Lakitus: "It seems like these Lakitus have been hassling you for your entire career, Mario." By release date, Lakitus first appeared in SMB.

~In one of the rooms in Dry Dry Ruins, Goombario says, "Now that I've helped you find Dry Dry Ruins, will I become famous, too? You don't care. You're already a household name." Mario is apparently already famous. Although this may or may not be breaking/leaning on the fourth wall.

Not at the Dinner Table / Re: Sexual Orientation
« on: February 02, 2013, 09:41:35 AM »
Good for you, Steve!

I've never really understood all the emphasis society puts on sex. I mean, I understand it's an expression of intimacy and something people find pleasurable, but why is it as extremely important as people make it out to be? Why can't intimacy be expressed in different ways and be just as fulfilling? A distinct impression I've gotten is that somehow a relationship (especially marriage) is regarded as incomplete or unfulfilling or "wrong" without sex. As a hetero-romantic ace, I find that general mentality alienating and isolating.

It's comforting to know you're in a successful long-term relationship with an ace, Steve. I suppose that gives me hope. XD
For myself, though, I've come to the realization that if I were to be in a relationship, I'd rather it be with another hetero-romantic ace. (An aromantic ace would probably frustrate me, though.) Personally, I'd be really hesitant to attempt a relationship with a heterosexual because I wouldn't want that to become a possible issue in the future. Every individual is different, though, which is something to consider.

And yes, I agree wholeheartedly that our language desperately needs a singular gender-neutral pronoun. It's pretty much "they" in common vernacular, but Grammar Nazis and professors are less accepting of that. Ugh.

General Chat / Re: Winter 2012 ADVANCED Poster Awards!
« on: January 27, 2013, 10:10:41 PM »
I'ma temporarily sticky this topic until the awards are over. I meant to do it sooner, but then I was like, "Eh, it's active enough in here that people will see it." But not so much anymore.

More people should vote! Or fill in more of their votes. Come on, guys! :P

General Chat / Re: Paranatural
« on: January 27, 2013, 05:36:53 PM »
This comic is brilliant, beautiful, hilarious, and charming! Totally loving it and read the whole thing so far. Nice find, BP!

Mario Chat / Re: Mario Timeline
« on: January 26, 2013, 01:24:01 PM »
It seems the time machine remained in the past at the end of MLPIT, but present-day Bowser could have found it, like how in Back to the Future III, in 1955 Marty and Doc find the time machine that was left from 1885.
You know what? Scratch that idea. I imagine the time machine came back to the present, considering Toadbert and Toadiko were last left in the past, and Toadbert returns in MLBIS. I guess it's possible MLBIS occurs before MLPIT, but that seems highly unlikely considering Fawful's speech in MLPIT. Kind of funny, yet unnerving that Toadbert and Toadiko were stranded in the past, though.

Mario Chat / Re: The Silly Mario Fan Theories Thread
« on: January 24, 2013, 05:24:28 AM »
Shoes give Koopa Troopas the power to walk upright.
In all games where Koopas have shoes, they walk upright. Whenever they walk on all fours, they're barefoot. POWER IN THE SHOES!
"Larger" types of Koopas don't need shoes to walk upright, though.

Mario Chat / Re: Mario Timeline
« on: January 23, 2013, 09:48:53 AM »
Also, aside from Sticker Star, I have not played any Mario games released beyond Super Mario Galaxy 2. So I'm missing any information from games after that.

Mario Chat / Re: Mario Timeline
« on: January 23, 2013, 01:17:22 AM »
Very nice. Much less fanficcy than my timeline attempts, I must admit.

Any ideas on where the present/future part of Yoshi's Island DS (Adult Bowser traveling back in time with Kamek to kidnap the Star Children in the past) might go? I can't remember if there were any hints about that in game.
As for what point in time in the present day that adult Bowser travels to the past for the events of YIDS, I have no idea. If I had to guess, I'd say it probably happens at some point after MLPIT (Present), what with the invention of the time machine and then the appearance of the time holes. Maybe Bowser figured out a way to utilize either of those. (It seems the time machine remained in the past at the end of MLPIT, but present-day Bowser could have found it, like how in Back to the Future III, in 1955 Marty and Doc find the time machine that was left from 1885). But his is all pure speculation.

Something I find interesting is how in MLPIT (Past), Baby Bowser doesn't really know who adult Bowser is (he comments he looks "like a bigger, fatter me!" but that's the extent of it), yet in YIDS, he seems well-aware that Bowser is his future self:
Quote from: Baby Bowser
Let me get this straight. Future-me kidnapped me?!
Quote from: Baby Bowser
Are you saying that even when I'm an old geezer, I'll still be trying to take over the universe? Lame!
Adult Bowser also seems to be aware Baby Bowser is his younger self in YIDS: "How dare you treat past-me like that?!" But in MLPIT, he doesn't seem aware. Then again, he may not even realize he's in the past. (Sorry, I don't have a quote/source.) Which begs the question, given Baby Bowser's strong resemblance to Bowser Jr. (in MLPIT, anyway), why doesn't Bowser mistake his younger self for his son?

So does Galaxy 2 take place in a parallel timeline because of the weird stuff with universe creation or whatever at the end of Galaxy 1?
I think I remember reading somewhere, maybe in an Iwata Asks interview, that SMG2 is supposed to be an alternate or parallel version of SMG. I could be mistaken, though.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the ending of SMG and its implications, and if it's even supposed to be directly connected to the beginning of SMG2 or not.

I guess you never beat Donkey Kong on Game Boy?
...Yeah, that's not really all that clear. Seems more like vague implication, if even that.
Sure, many of the Mario games with DK have traditional Mario elements, even characters, but that doesn't give it clear ties to the rest of the Mario series. I mean, take the Mario vs. DK games. Does Mario even necessarily KNOW Peach? Sure, she apparently exists, given the Mini Peach toys, but is Mario even affiliated with her at all? Are these games supposed to take place before Super Mario Bros.? Late in the timeline? Wherever they fit by release date? Is it a parallel timeline, possibly one where SMB never happened? There's a lot of questions the series raises.

For the record, I think it makes the most sense for the original Donkey Kong game to occur some time before SMB, but that's mostly based on assumption. I haven't encountered any real, strong evidence or references that indicate the events of Donkey Kong even occurred, with relation to the rest of the Mario series. Sure, there are allusions and such (e.g. a Chained Kong throwing barrels in SMRPG, someone in the Glitz Pit randomly shouting out "JUMPMAN!" in PMTTYD), but, like I said, those are allusions, not strong references.

The Chef covered things pretty well regarding GB DK, so I won't say more.

I tried to stick with actual references in my timeline. Any time I do make speculations, I mention it. At least I think I so. And when I do speculate, the game already has other references and ties to that or another game(s). So yeah. I'm all for speculation and interpretation and whatnot, and I encourage others to do so, but, yeah, my goal of this particular timeline is to make it more research and fact-based, using (strong) evidence.

Mario Chat / Re: Mario Timeline
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:46:08 PM »
The Wii U Era +?

[Space reserved]

Other Games
The following games aren't connected to the games in timeline above. It's possible they form their own branch in the timeline.

Super Mario Land   [1989]
Referenced in SML2 (see below).

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins   [10/1992]

SML2 references SML:
~In the SML2 manual, Mario states: "While I was away crusading against the mystery alien Tatanga in Sarasa Land, an evil creep took over my castle and put the people of Mario Land under his control with a magic spell."

SML2 is referenced in WL (see below).

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3   [1994]

WL references SML2:
~In the WL manual, it says: "Remember Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins? Wario tried to take over Mario's castle, but he didn't have much luck. Wario, being the persistent guy he is, has not given up. Now, he wants a castle more than ever before."

...Aaaaaand we're done. Major congratulations to anyone who read the whole thing! (It came out to 12 full pages in Word! x____x)

If you find any errors or know of any more references, let me know. Feel free to add any information to any games I haven't played or haven't added, but be sure to add spoiler tags where appropriate, especially with the newer games. And like I said, if you want to tackle the Wario or DK series games, go for it.

On another note, feel free to share your own Mario timeline ideas in this thread. This isn't just about my timeline! But hopefully I've provided a good reference point.

Mario Chat / Re: Mario Timeline
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:45:48 PM »
The Wii Era

Super Paper Mario   [4/2007]

SPM references PM and PMTTYD:
~At Mario's house at the beginning of the game, there are pictures of Mario's partners from PM and PMTTYD.

~There are Catch Cards of all of Mario's partners from PM and PMTTYD. The Catch Card descriptions even refer to said past adventures. Examples:
   - Goombario's Catch Card: "Mario and Goombario go way back to Paper Mario. Enemies suffer when he uses his head."
   - Vivian's Catch Card: "It's Vivian from the last Paper Mario adventure. She was a great friend once she split from her sisters."

SPM is possibly alluded to in PMTTYD (see above).
***Possible timeline branch, splitting from PMTTYD.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story   [2/2009]

MLBIS references MLPIT (Past):
~Madame Broque tells the Mario Bros. about the Shroob Invasion:
Quote from: Madame Broque
Cherís... Tell me, do you believe in zee aliens?
Once upon a long, long ago... Zey say zat aliens visited zis very kingdom...
Someone told me zis, oui... Zis was long before I arrived in zee area, of course...
Zey were evil... Zey destroyed zee houses, kidnapped people... Zis was a terrible, awful time.
But in zee end... Two champions, superstars in zee green and red, defeated zem all...
And yet... Zere is a rumor zat, in fact, zee aliens are preserved in zee kingdom...
Heehee... Preserving evil aliens... Zere are some people who have zee bizarre hobbies, honh?

Oh... Now zat I think on it, you two are red and green...
Heehee... Are you perhaps fans of zese famous superstars? Hee... You look a lot like zem...
NOTE: It may be of interest that she only mentions TWO heroes. While technically the quartet is just Mario and Luigi of different ages, there were still four heroes.

~When the Mario Bros. find the cryogenically frozen Shroobs, they freak out and explain it to Starlow. She responds: "Those are aliens that once invaded the Mushroom Kingdom?" // "You defeated them when you were babies?!"
And then, "Bowser must have grabbed some of the survivors and cryogenically frozen them..."
Video of scene. (For whatever reason, embedding videos at a specific time point doesn't work. Sorry.)
~Three Shroobs awaken and battle the Bros. Afterward Starlow comments, "What I can't believe is that you defeated those things as a baby! Only you could do that, Mario!" // "Hm? Luigi fought hard as well?" // "Heehee! Did you attack them with some ferocious crying?" // "Really? Luigi was the one to defeat them at the end?"
This references Baby Luigi's tears destroying a Shroob Mushroom, which was then used as a formula to eradicate all Shroob Mushrooms filling the land.
(To skip the battle, go to 3:45 in the video above.)
NOTE: It may be of interest that there is no mention of the Bros. defeating the Shroobs as adults, only as babies. It's possible the Bros. are leaving out that fact to avoid mentioning time travel, the implausibility of their adult selves being in the past, and having to explain everything to Starlow. However, this is speculation.

MLBIS is foreshadowed in MLPIT (Present) (see above).
***Possible timeline branch, splitting from MLSS and MLPIT.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii    [11/2009]

NSMBW references SMB3 and SMS:
The Koopalings and Bowser Jr. are featured enemies. Due to SMB3 and SMS being their debut appearances, respectively (see aforementioned game entries), NSMBW must occur after both of these games.

NSMBW foreshadows SMG?:
During the Staff Roll, an outtake of a Princess Peach voiceover states, "Dear Mario, I'll be waiting for you at the castle on the night of the Star—" but she is interrupted by Bowser. Her words are identical to the first part of her letter in SMG's intro (which is different from her letter in SMG2). This implies the events of NSMBW occur (possibly immediately) before SMG. However, this is speculation.
Audio video from scene (For whatever reason, embedding videos at a specific time point doesn't work. Sorry.)

NOTE: Beyond occurring "Post-SMS," NSMBW has no clear location on the timeline.
***Possible timeline branch, splitting from SMS.

Super Mario Galaxy   [11/2007]
Foreshadowed in NSMBW (see above).
NOTE: Beyond occurring both after SMS and NSMBW, SMG  has no clear location on the timeline.
***Possible timeline branch, splitting from SMS and NSMBW.

(Continued in next post)

Mario Chat / Re: Mario Timeline
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:44:57 PM »
The GameCube Era (continued)

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door   [2004]

PMTTYD references what is most likely SMB:
~Hamma Jamma of the Glitz Pit references what is most likely SMB: "My grandpappy used to tell me great hammer stories... World 7-1, that was his 'hood."
SMB is the only game (thus far) with a level called World 7-1 that also features Hammer Bros.

References to Mario Kart series?:
~When Luigi tells about the kart race from his adventure, he alludes to the Mario Kart series: "I mean, I've driven in kart races before, so I thought I'd be OK."

References to PM:
~Goombella's Tattle of Lady Bow references the events of PM: "But you DID go on an adventure with her, right?  Tell me sometime, OK?"
~Lady Bow already knows Mario: "It IS you, isn't it, Mario? Well, it's been quite a while, hasn't it?"

~Goombella may be aware that Mario knows of Kolorado from PM. In her Tattle of Frankly: "You know the famous Professor Kolorado?  He was a student of Frankly's!"
However, if Kolorado is famous, she may be either assuming or legitimately asking if Mario knows (of) him.

~A Toad kid in Petalburg says, "You know the N64, right? Well, the game I play the most on it is 'Paper Mario.' There's this girl in the game, Bow, who's pretty much the cutest Boo OF ALL TIME!!!"

References to LM:
~In the audience during battles, occasionally Luigi appears with the Poltergust 3000 on his back.
~Two crows in Twilight Town have the following conversation:
   Crow 1: I'm thinking of starting a new pay site. It's going to be a real-estate listings page that I'll call "Luigi's Mansion."
   Crow 2: Hey, that sounds good, too! But... I think I've heard that name before. You don't want rabid lawyers attacking you...

References to MLSS: (NOTE: These references do not indicate any place on the timeline.)
~Podley and Podler, the bartenders in Rogueport and Glitzville, respectively, appear to be Beanish.
~The Glitz Pit Security also resemble the Beanish species, albeit blue-skinned.
~Flavio has a bottle of Chuckola Cola.

PMTTYD foreshadows SPM?:
~A Toad kid in Petalburg possibly alludes to SPM: "I've gotta say, I've been playing the new Paper Mario game almost nonstop. I'm on the fence so far... Gotta put serious time into a game to review it properly. But I can definitely tell you this: if you're a Luigi fan, do NOT miss out on this one!"
SPM is the first Paper Mario game to feature Luigi as both a major and playable character.

Other information:
~In Luigi's adventure, he speaks of the Chestnut King. In Japan, the Chestnut King's name is クリキング or "Kuri King" (literally "Chestnut King"). This is the exact same name as both the Goomba King in PM and Goomboss in SM64DS. They may in fact all be the same character, but it got lost in translation.
Source: PMTTYD Japanese to English. See also SM64DS and PM entries above.

~One of Goombella's Tattles of Bowser indicates that he, Mario, and Peach have a long history: "That's Bowser, genius.  You've only fought this guy like, a bazillion times. He'll keep kidnapping Peach, and you'll keep fighting him, until the end of time, I think."
~Goombella's Tattle of Koopa Troopas: "Koopa Troopas have been around forever."
~Goombella's Tattle of Hammer Bros.: "Well-known for their vicious and relentless hammer lobs, Hammer Bros. have a reputation as one of Mario's toughest enemies..."
These Tattles all indicate PMTTYD is a later game in the timeline.

NOTE: May take place either before or after SMS, MLSS, and NSMB.
***Possible timeline branch, splitting from LM.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Present)   [2005]

MLPIT (Present) references MLSS:
~When the baby Bros. first meet Fawful, he describes the events of MLSS, including his final battle with the Mario Bros.: "I am here, merchant of badges, only sometimes with fury, but I once had fury at all times. I drizzled rage dressing on the country next door. Rage dressing on a salad of evil! And then the bad men came. Red and Green bad men. I had the punishment. Bad punishment with hammers and jumping on my head and the overheat of my ship."

MLPIT (Present) foreshadows MLBIS:
~Fawful alludes to his attack in MLBIS: "I am waiting like an elevator. I have the commerce. I run Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge, but... The day comes soon when Fawful rises again, and then no baby's candy has safety!"
In MLBIS, Fawful is the main antagonist.

NOTE: May take place either before or after SMS, PMTTYD and NSMB, but must take place after MLSS.
***Possible timeline branch, splitting from MLSS.

New Super Mario Bros.   [2006]

NSMB references SMS:
~In the NSMB manual it says, "Didn't Bowser Jr. once think Princess Peach might be his mother?" (pg 10).
In SMS, Bowser Jr. calls her "Mama Peach," but by the end of the game, he admits he knows she's not really his mother. (See SMS entry above.)

NSMB is possibly foreshadowed in SMS (see above).
NOTE: May take place either before or after MLSS, PMTTYD, and MLPIT, but must take place after SMS.
***Possible timeline branch, splitting from SMS.

(Continued in next post)

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