Author Topic: What's the worst videogame you've ever played?  (Read 73493 times)


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Yeah, it's been there since August of 2007.
Know the most important contribution of the organ Fund science girls type. It's true!

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Of course it was. That was... err, a test for you all. Oh yes indeedy.
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Who the heck is "we"? You find out that Samus is a girl in the original Metroid in 1986.
That was a joke.

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Who the heck is "we"? You find out that Samus is a girl in the original Metroid in 1986.

I meant most people who were halfway through elementary school in 2001.
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lol, but srsly, Nintendo needs to make a totally horror-themed 2D side-scrolling Metroid for DS.

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Dragon's Lair for NES was the cream of the crap for wow

Astronomically bad!  Unless you have a thing for piles of bones


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Just throwing this out there:

Samus (or "Metroid" as we knew her back in 2001)

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   To find the worst games out there, you need to shove your hands deep into the corporate sleaze.  *does so, and pulls out a grimy looking cart for game boy color that says "SHREK: fairytale freakdown"

Oh, Barbie pet rescue is in here too

...and an episode of Kids Next Door!? They made a game out o-oh, wait, no it's just an episode of it in a GBA cart. I'm finding these [darn] things all over EB games.

  THE ADVENTUWES OF BAYOU BIWWY: The little NES game that tried and tried, but tried too hard. If it wasn't for the fact that you are "Guar un' teed!" to get your ass kicked by up to maybe five guys at once that all take eleven hits to kill, this wouldn't have been such a bad game. In fact, I'd recommend you look in to the Japanese version, "Mad City".    Ironically, this bad game was a Konami Title.

  TOP*GUN: whoa hold on there tex! This one wasn't in the manure pile! AVGN had his time screaming at it, for sure, but the game really isn't that bad if you're patient enough. The reason AVGN failed to land in his video was because he "Look at all this crap on the screen! Altitude? Speed!? What do I need this crap for!?". Trust me, you need to be watching that stuff when you land. Try to match up with what's on the main display.


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Bayou Billy is the biggest badass ever. And while funny, nothing the AVGN says is ever true.

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 Yeah, Bayou Billy kicks alligators in the face and throws grenades at airplanes. Still, problem is he's more badass than the gamer.

Also, I put up Top Gun to compare to Bayou Billy, since they're both Konami games and Konami USUALLY makes really awesome titles. And, these two are interesting cases.

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Astro Empires. No matter what new systems are in place, you will never have any actual fun unless you've been playing since the creation of whatever server you're on, are in a massive guild, have an upgraded account, and farm every other player you come across.

Still playing it, though.


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You know, Glorb, I was actually expecting you to be saying that when I clicked on this thread, and I agree on pretty much all counts.

I tried to play Eternity's Child earlier to see if it really is as bad as my first time playing it led me to believe, but Steam kept giving me a "this game is currently unavailable" error. A quick check reveals...yep, still giving me the same error.

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Super Noah's ark 3D for the SNES. It was a terrible Doom clone. The graphics were lame, the stages were lame, and you have to feed/kill animals with a slingshot. Awful


  Also, Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road.


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Wow, why did this thread die? Aside from Glorb being banned, I mean.

Tsugunai: Atonement is a pretty terrible PS2 RPG. Horrible loading times, and the combat is excruciatingly slow. With either of those issues taken care of, I'd probably enjoy it quite a bit, but...

Also, I finally was able to play Eternity's Child at one point, and it actually wasn't that bad. The collision detection was a bit off (leading to a lot of botched jumps that shouldn't have been that way), and I seem to recall enemies taking far too long to kill, but it wasn't anything close to "worst game ever" material, and it does look really nice.

Also, Technicbeat is probably the worst rhythm game I've ever played.