Author Topic: What's the worst videogame you've ever played?  (Read 73328 times)

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Pokemon Channel, I must say.

Anyone played E.T., WITHOUT a ROM?


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Probably Teen Titans.
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Recently my vote definitely goes to Eternity's Child, which WarpWrattler tricked me into buying. Besides being a totally bad game, it didn't even give me the Purchased Game achievement.

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I tried the Bebe's Kids ROM just to see what the "worst game of all time" was like... and yeah, pretty bad.

Worst game I've played that was not a ROM... either Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES or Monster Party for NES. Both games are extremely hard. But Monster Party for NES, I only got to the second level like once or twice in my life. You'd have to have cat-like responses and a lot of luck to get through that game, I tell ya. And I remember full well that sometimes it seemed like you couldn't dodge bosses as they moved towards you. It's like you needed to be Bert the flying gryphon thing during bosses to stand a chance. As for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... do you remember at the end of like the first level for the second world (looked like an office complex or something) that you had to jump across a large gap or else fall down to the spot at the beginning of the level? It took me forever to finally jump that gap, had to jump at the last possible second. Actually, I remember you had to jump at the last possible second to clear the gap for the first level in Comix Zone too. Couldn't get past the second level of Comix Zone either, but at least it had an awesome style to it.

Actually, no, Dino Riki for the NES was the absolute worst game I've ever played. It wasn't fun, it was very cheap, never got past the first level. So it was slightly worse than Monster Party. Monster Party at least had a cool but creepy box cover. Dino Riki's cover was just terrible.

So, any game that I couldn't get past the first or second level on gets my vote for worst game of all time. I know there are people who appreciated this insane level of difficulty, but I can't believe in hindsight that the NES was home to such difficult games. How did people all over the world build up the nerves of steel to get through those games? Sheesh, no wonder we complain about lack of difficulty nowadays, because the difficulty is no longer at superhuman levels.

Oh, for the record, I might say sometimes that Snake Rattle N Roll was one of the worst games of all time, but it's not compared to my other choices. I got to the 5th level of Snake Rattle N Roll when I was a child, and managed to get to the 6th later on in life. Then with heavy use of save states, eventually beat all 10 levels. The gameplay was always your biggest enemy in that game. But I liked that game nonetheless.
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You didn't say wot wot.

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Bart VS the Space Mutants for the NES. Anyone that has seen AVGN's Simpsons video should know all about it. And yes, I did own it.
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Nascar '99 for the Nintendo 64. What makes Mario Kart worth playing is the unrealistic parts--the items, the track designs/effects, etc. And what makes F-Zero worth playing is again the unrealistic parts--the intense speed, the adrenaline rush of being this close to exploding, the track designs/effects, etc.

Nascar '99 was pure. Realistic. Failure. The tracks were more boring than the roads around my house, and the game was even slower than Mario Kart if I remember correctly. Then there's the drawling announcers with unvarying clips such as "It's still anyone's race" when you're in last place, lapped at least once by every other racer. But that's just the realism of the gameplay--the graphics weren't even good!

I'm sure if I played more video games that attempted to recreate sports I'd find one I like even less. I've never liked the idea of playing games like that and Nascar '99 reinforced that.
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Resident Evil 4. I mean, you can't strafe or anything.

Lawl, but srsly though, I'd have to say the worst that I can recall is Crime Life: Gang Wars. Obviously the developers were angry that they couldn't successfully recreate GTA:SA with a $15 budget, so they flew into a rage and beat this game up with an ugly stick.

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Speaking of N64 racing games and perhaps I should've mentioned an N64 game in the first place because of my name, let me say this. My father, being a huge fan of Legos, got Lego Racers for the N64. We played it twice...then never touched it again.
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The stupidest and most boring game I've ever played is The Little Mermaid 2 Pinball.  For the gameboy color.

The game I hate the most is all the Grand Theft Auto games.  I seriously hate those games to it's core.
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Probably likes Sonic games better than anyone else on the fungi forums.


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Why, Mr. Thompson?
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Right now I'm in agreement with LD. I blame Sunbun.

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Obviously Superman 64. Worst 10 bucks I ever spent on a game.

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Transformers: Mystery of Convoy is pretty awful. It's not even possible to beat the final level.
That was a joke.

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Home Alone for the SNES.


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Either Toys for SNES or To the Earth for NES.  Terrible, terrible games.