Author Topic: Why don't any of you people have Dynamite Headdy  (Read 1180 times)


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Seriously why?

I got it free from my cousin when I was a kid. It's beautiful. It's fun. It's touching. It's got (???) levels. It has excellent music start to finish. It has no waggle. It has a button dedicated to swinging your head at people. It could be the Game Gear game you've all been whining for, and yet

none of you have it.

The second-best Game Gear game of 1994. Second to none.

Go buy it.

Oh hey and it's on virtual console, holy [dukar]! I forgot! This thread isn't a joke anymore, really, buy this mother****er.

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Doesn't Fifth love this game too?


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Go Moon!

Also, Treasure. You know they've got good heads on their shoulders.

Unlike Dynamite Headdy, since he keeps throwing his around.

Chupperson Weird

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That was a joke.

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I keep thinking of the kamikaze guys from Serious Sam, the headless guys with bombs for hands who run towards you screaming despite having no heads.

On a related note, where's Sparkster? I never played that game either, but I heard people loved that. Why don't we have Sparkster yet? And why isn't Sparkster available on XBox Live Arcade yet despite the cool previews we got a long while back? I thought it was coming soon.

*reads, finds that there's a new trailer and preview of it on IGN, released on... April 1* it could have been ANY other day! WHY THAT DAY!? God IGN, you'll make it look like Sparkster for XBox Arcade is all a hoax.

Dynamite Headdy from looks reminds me of Plok, Aero the Acrobat (played it, too hard for me on a casual playthrough), and Rayman (only played the game for N64).
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