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I don't know about anyone else, but over the course of the summer, I've been looking all over for gaming music [namely, Modules, and SPC->IT Conversion Soundtracks.] And I found several nice final fantasy6 ones, and I was listening to them and a few tracks just began to sound so famaliar..Owzer's house sounds like Nimbus land castle[and I know squaresoft worked on this game, but just give me a sec here...] Serpent trench sounds alot like the opening to smw2: yoshi's island, Thamasa sounds like gerudo valley, [ya I know Legend of zelda isn't *really* part of the Mario universe, but still..]  The Veldt sounds like it's from one of the caves from smw...The opera dance sounds like the water theme to mario*think frog suit, annoying cheep cheeps,* The opera finale sounds kinda like booster hill, Spinach rag reminds me of smb3 and Zozo...don't ask why, but it just sounds like it's from mario~~maybe one of the cartoons...something like bowser, or another cave theme...
^_^; if anyone has ANY clue as to what I'm talking about--a reply would be apperciated ;)


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I've never really thought of those similarities, but now that you mention them, I totally agree!  The only difference is songs like 'The Magic House' (Owzer's, you know) and 'Grand Finale?' can stand up better as songs on their own than the Nimbus Castle and Booster Hill themes.  I love to listen to Ultros's theme, but if I were to listen to Booster Hill without actually dodging barrels an snifits, I'd be bored quickly.  Er...what I'm saying is, it's better background music than it is 'foreground' music.....And yes, I AM a critical sonuvagun.

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If you're talking about similar music, Square made FF3 (6 in Anthology), before SMRPG, and must've recycled some tunes in different chords.

Or maybe I'm just not getting whay your saying.

But I do like SMRPG and the music... (I LOVED the music for the fight with Culex! ^___^)

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Sorry to bust your bubble, but the music for the Culex battle wasn't SMRPG music.  Per se, it wasn't music composed for that game imparticular.  It's actually the boss theme from Final Fantasy IV (initially known as Final Fantasy II in America).  Culex himself was a boss from Final Fantasy II (the actual one, not FFIV).

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I think the bottom line here is that Squaresoft knows how to make games, from incredible depth to inspired musical themes.  That is exactly why Square should return to Nintendo!  Two corporate creative geniuses in an alliance like that could turn the industry upside down.

And yes, I am a biased gamer when it comes to Sony.  Sega knows what they're doing, and they do it well.  Sony just wants to make some money.
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Kat, I usually think you're right on about most things, but I gotta disagree with you on this one.  First of all, Yoko Shimumura, who composed SMRPG (as well as Parasite Eve and Legend of Mana) has no ties with Nobuo Uematsu other than they are employed by Square, and I seriously doubt she'd sample his music.  Besides, "the Magic House" and any of the tunes in Nimbus Kingdom (Valentina's guitar-heavy theme or the music the plays after you kick her out) don't bear any more than a passing resemblence to each other.  The Gerudo Valley theme is another guitar-heavy piece with a strong Spanish influence, but the theme of Thamasa is a much more oompa-band like.  I give you that the Opera Waltz does sound a bit like the SMB water theme and the Ultros Battle Theme could be a little like Booster Hill, but I honestly don't think this is anything more than a coincidence.  Since bother composers drew the music from outside culural influence, and certain styles of music fit certain situations, there are bound to be a few freak convergences.

Regarding the Yoshi's Island tune you mentioned, exactly which one where you talking about?
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Woah! Culex was a boss in FF4?

I shouldah known that Culex looked like a Amano-san (His full name is edited.) charecter! (He is my art god) Ad the guy who did the music for SMRPG did Parasite Eve music? SHWEET!

Heh... getting off topic...

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Velvet, Culex was a boss in the Japanese FF2, for the NES.  And the composer of Parasite Eve and Super Mario RPG music is a SHE!  Yoko is one of the few female video game music composers I know of.
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Dang... I'm stupid... Yoko-san is a girl...

I'm out of it lately...


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^^;; errr..hmm.. The Biggest Boo, this'll be a bit difficult to explain, [espically if you've never played SMW2: Yoshi's Island, but from the sound of it, I think ya have. ^-~  Anywho, when you start a new game, and the game begins the introduction story, after all the stork, and magikoopa crap, all the yoshi's are gathered in a spot after baby mario lands on the green yoshi's back,... there's some odd music there that sounds quite simaliar [in my opion] to Serpent trench. Don't get me wrong thou, and like all thouse other songs...were just what *I* thought they sounded like ff6 music. ^^; ........ yes I has odd taste in music... :P oh well. Nevermind~ I'm babbeling senselessly again.... I need to get some sleep ;P


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Yes, I get you, Kat!  It's the pinkish background where all eight Yoshis have just decided to relay Baby Mario to safety right before the practice stage.  And I'll agree there is a similarity... Hmm... Maybe you're more right than I thought about this whole music thing...
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i think they just coppyd it thats all!
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