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« on: December 02, 2008, 12:28:01 AM »
360 games. I know B-K and Orange Box. Need recommendations. My mother wants a list from me, which is a good sign.
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Retail games: Since you're also dealing with satellite Internet, there's not much point in recommending games all about online multiplayer, so...I'd go with the two games you already mentioned (though wouldn't it make more sense to have the Orange Box on PC, where it's cheaper and you don't have to deal with console FPS controls? Also you could hold a nifty contest to give away the extra copy of Portal), plus Mirror's Edge, and possibly Dead Space and Fallout 3. If none of those appeal to you, ask for points cards so you can get...

XBLA games: Geometry Wars 2. Braid. E4. Both Penny Arcade games. Portal: Still Alive. I'd suggest Boom Boom Rocket but you've said you're not good at rhythm games.

Also, I don't know if you'd be interested in any of the like five retail JRPGs on the system (I can only think of Star Ocean, Infinite Undiscovery, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Eternal Sonata at the moment, plus stuff that hasn't come out yet like FFXIII).

Someone who owns the system had better step in at this point and suggest other games, because I know there's more awesome stuff BP'd probably like that I can't think of right now.

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WarpWrattler's suggestions are utterly horrible to Bird Person's tastes. E4 and Portal: Still Alive would be huge wastes of money for him. I don't think he likes Penny Arcade humor/swearing either. Dead Space and Fallout 3 are much too grim/bland. I've never heard him mention a non-Mother JRPG either. Mirror's Edge would probably be good.

What Bird wants is Dead Rising. Also check out Crackdown, the best game about jumping since SMB. You might also check out Rare's Kameo.

And points for XBLA to get:

But hey, all XBLA games and most retail stuff has demos right there, so try try try! (Uh, I guess that doesn't help your mom beforehand though.)


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Thing is, my computer's not that good. But maybe I should learn to reboot more than once a month. Are FPSes really so horrible to play with a controller? I mean, I've always thought Metroid Prime is just plain hard.

LD, I play other JRPGs. Final Fantasy I&II, for example.
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Would he enjoy Oblivion?

Also, if you're getting The Orange Box, you'll have to play Half-Life 1 before you play Half Life 2 so you'll need to get that for computer some time soon.

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Definitely worse, but not horribly so. I am currently weighting graphics and chair comfort over mouse control and actual updates, for instance. Metroid Prime has a control scheme unlike anything else, btw.

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I don't know if they're still doing it, but Valve is selling Half-Life 1 (not the Source version, just the plain-jane original) through Steam for $1.00. Seriously. One buck. That is, if you're willing to download one CD worth of data from the Internet.

Half-Life 1 is good (and I personally prefer it over the sequel because it's so fun to get lost in Black Mesa, just feels like a real place you're going through). But you may also want to consider that the Black Mesa mod (Half-Life 1 redone in Source the way it was meant to be) is coming out in 2009. Check it out. If you have Half-Life 2 or any other Source game, that mod will work on your machine. I just hope quick movement in the game isn't as disorienting as it looks in that trailer.

I'll agree that Metroid Prime can be tough at times, especially near the end (I never finished the last boss). But if you think Metroid Prime is tough, try its sequel. Now Metroid Prime 3, people are saying it's like a new experience because you can now point and shoot with the Wii remote. Resident Evil 4 for Wii has the same control scheme. But from my experience, I'm not able to hold the remote completely still, so the pointer's always shaking around. I find the new scheme harder to use. Maybe I have an easier time with PC FPSs because the mouse stays on the ground. Doesn't change that I'm terrible at FPSs in general, I never got used to the dual-stick control that some games use nowadays. Theoretically it should be the best of both worlds, but my fingers can't get used to it. I grew up on Turok.

What about Skate or Burnout 3? Oh wait, Burnout 3 was last generation? Well, it should work with the backwards-compatibility thing, right?
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$1.00. Seriously. One buck.

Dude, that deal ended a while ago.

Anyway, 360 games. Must-haves that simply transcend genre bias include the Halo trilogy, Dead Rising, Bioshock, The Orange Box, Guitar Heroes 2 and 3 (maybe World Tour), and GTA 4. You might maybe like Burnout Revenge (the best in the series), Full Auto, and Need for Speed Carbon.

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Try Viva Pinata, unless you hate pet sims or something. Also, do me a favor and play Sonic Unleashed and enjoy it. It's the best 3D Sonic game in years.

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It's tough to recommend games for someone who has yet to venture far from Nintendo consoles...

You like F-Zero a lot, which means you can tolerate racing games, which means I recommend something from the Burnout series. I think my top three favorite Burnouts are Burnout Paradise, then Burnout 3, then Burnout Revenge. You might go for Burnout 3 since it's an Xbox Original game, so it'll be much cheaper.

Most of the games people have listed here are really good, but I'm not sure what kind of a gamer you are, so I don't know if you'd like them. Keeping in mind your terrible status for online gaming, I'm going to recommend good single-player games. Assuming you'd be willing to play any type of game, my top three recommendations out of every Xbox 360 game ever are BioShock, skate., and Guitar Hero 3.

As for Live Arcade, yeah, you can play the free demos, so just try them out before buying.


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Forgot about Dead Rising and Crackdown, also just made some blanket suggestions.
Trying demos of retail games isn't really an option with a download cap anyway. Ditto for Xbox Original titles and some larger XBLA titles.


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*sigh* Then go buy the Burger King games off eBay or something.


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I could always do my downloads after midnight, when the download cap isn't in effect.

I'm going for the Arcade, so no backward compatibility.

Racers: Ever since I played F-ZERO, I've enjoyed Mario Kart less. It's so slow and the tracks are boring. The only thing that saves it is items, but items also get annoying in the newer ones. What I'm saying is, the racing game has to have something really great about it, or I'll just find myself saying "I need more BOOST POWER" or "I need more CYLINDER WAVE."
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Every time I see a commercial or demo in a store for a really cool racing game that I might like it's for PS3. However I'm sure there's plenty of cool exciting racing games for the 360, just look it up.

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Unfortunately, Bird Person's dream game is called Wipeout HD and it's on PS3.