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My dad used to like Ms. Pac-man and Galaga. Both my parents have joined in on the occasional game of Wii Sports.
That was a joke.


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My family is lame. My sister has a PS2 that doesn't seem to work, but all it ever did was play Kingdom Hearts 2. She used to play the Nintendo 64 with me, way long ago...

It'll be so strange when I start a family. My wife had better play Nintendo and be good at Super Smash Bros. Then we'll raise our kids to be Super Smash Spartans, and how weird that will be...

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"Daaaad! Glorb Jr. said I look stupid!"
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My mom used to play Space Invaders at her brother's house back then. Until the Wii came both my parents were pretty indifferent about video games. My mom has played almost all the games I own for Wii, and has played through Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Last night she tried out Super Mario 64 using the Classic Controller. My dad however, is harder to convince. He sticks primarily to Tennis, Bowling, and Golf in Wii Sports (and Tiger Woods 07, but disliked the crappy motion controls) but did give Mario Kart Wii a try.

My brother rarely plays games, but used to with the Atari, NES, and SNES. Currently he owns both a XBox 360 and a PS3, the former he uses half the time for DVDs and the latter was given to him as wedding present primarily for the Blu-Ray. He likes Wii Sports and WarioWare: Smooth Moves, and claims that he'll buy a Wii once supply meets demand and they are easier to find. His wife doesn't play games all that much, either.

Although she used to play SNES for a long while, my oldest sister is almost against video games, wishing that I do more with my time. I got her to play Wii Sports from time to time. Her fiancé is an avid gamer, he used to own a PS2 and plays Wii with me most of the time he visits.

My other sister and I used to play Nintendo all the time prior to the GameCube. Nowadays she focuses more on the older games on NES, SNES, and N64 if she happens to come across them from time to time. However I got her (somewhat) addicted to Wii Fit.
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My parents'll often play videogames with me, just so we can spend some time together. Doesn't mean they're very good at it, though. XD Dad can at least get close to beating me on the Mario Kart circuits, and I believe his life-long experiences in hunting have helped his scores in the Wii Play Shooting Range. Mom can do Wii Bowling pretty good, and she said last night that she wants Wii Fit(and her own Wii, but I think she was joking on that part... at least, I hope so).
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I thought the Wii would perhaps change my parents' view on games, but it didn't. If I were to bring in an old Pong unit, my Dad might start playing, but that's about it.

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My sister and I are big gamers. We play all sorts of games together. Mom and dad are gamers too, but they play on the computer moreso than on the consoles. I recall both having tried their hand at SMB, back in the day. Dad was good, mom.. well she wasn't bad, but dad was better.

Mom used to think that all things releated to video games were bad, and wouldn't let me rent any (back when it was fun to rent games). She has since attempted to play (and even enjoyed herself a bit) several games with me. She liked Mario Kart 64, and had a bit of trouble learning how to play SSB64.

It's kind of funny when my aunt (my mom's sister) comes to visit and I bring the GC or Wii over. When my sister and I (and sometimes my fiancee) are playing something (Usually some form of SSB), we hear them say things like..

"Well it's easy to see which one Brittany is. She's the yellow one that yells 'Picka!"
"Toad, are you Mario?"
"Which one are you, Nicky?"
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My dad kicked my butt at MK:DD yesterday. He takes a Game Cube to the school he teaches at and plays against all the students there.

...I still say that I could have beat him if we were playing MK:Wii.
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I'm also fairly certain that my aunt has a GB she plays on occasion, and my grandma used to as well.
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My oldest sister tried out Wii Fit a while ago, and she really liked it, even saying "I want a Wii now." She beat both me and my other sister at Ski Slalom! :D We also played Dr. Mario Rx Online for about an hour as well, for she's really into puzzle games like Snood and Tetris.
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My sister and I are both getting back into RuneScape (which I'll probably end up regretting).
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I regret it already!
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I hear that Runescape is actually making N64 standard graphics soon.

But seriously, why would you anyone even want to play Runescape? Unless you love clicking on things.


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I've tried to get my mom to play games with me, but it's not really her thing. My dad occasionally plays games with me, and he said he used to get stoned and play Pitfall! and Raiders of the Lost Ark on his 2600 a long time ago.


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Well you'd have to be stoned to enjoy Raiders of the Lost Ark >.>
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