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Man, that site scares me!

"I pay good money and put in good effort to play Zelda to escape the crap sucking out of toilets Mario plumber butt head. Thanks for you time, and Mario, I hope you get laid off!"

They are mean!

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Insane Steve

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I hate to say it, but I also don't think the Mario characters belong in the Zelda world. Here are a few basic reasons:

1. In the Mario world... everything is... different? I mean, if Mario went into the Zelda world, he'd get slaughtered in about 4 seconds. Likewise, if Link went into the Mario world, I don't think he'd get slaughtered in 4 seconds.... but Link isn't a character designed for the platform feel of the Mario world... I mean, he really doesn't jump "on cue"...

Let me explain better. Mario is in a fantasy world that is more cartoon-like... slightly deformed characters (E.G., Bowser and Yoshi) and weird-looking floating platforms at every turn. The Zelda world is a more realistic fantasy world (Oxymoron? Maybe); that is, if you thought about it, if history changed drastically, the Zelda world is almost possible in the real world (Except for the magic parts of it). The characters don't really mix.

2. The games have radically different audiences, as well. There are mainly three kinds of true Mario fans in the world:

1. Those people who were growing up with Mario as little kids (Or older kids) with the NES and SNES and continued playing Mario because they truly enjoyed it (Like most of us) and
2. 6-10 years olds nowadays who play the new mario games for the very same reasons we played the SNES and NES Mario games at that age (Or, for some, older).
3. Those people who love everything Nintendo. Well, these aren't TRUE Mario fans, but...

And the Zelda fans are, from my perspective:

1. See #3 for the Mario games. Exact same comment, replace Mario with Zelda
2. Those people who started with a wide variety of games as little kids, and liked the Zelda-type games more than the others, and grew up with them just as the Mario fans grew up with Mario games.
**3. Those people who originally liked most games, but then grew "Mature" tastes and play Zelda games because you get to kill things with swords.

There is a reason that #3 in the Zelda section is asteriked. Those seems to be the types of people replying, for the most part, to the article. These are the idiots who think they are too "cool" for games like the Mario series and decide to go and insult the tastes of everyone less "mature" than they. (Of course, one has to see the blaring contradiction of the preceeding statement to fully get my point here.)

Personally, I really don't mind people not liking the Mario series and saying why... but when they insult the characters and give no OBJECTIVE reasons for hating a series... THAT is what insults me.

Here are many examples (Along with my response):

"It seems like putting a huge portrait of Benedict Arnold in the Lincoln Monument."

Really? So, Mario was working with Nintendo for a while, but then he went and joined Sony. Riiiight. Elaborate. This metaphor doesn't seem very accurate to me.

"why would they put Link in mario rpg, he belongs in a city from zelda, not some dorky mushroom town!"

Ok then. Prove that the Mushroom Kingdom is "dorky". Hell, define "dorky" for me. I'd like to see where you are getting at.

Also, it's sort of like an ad for Nintendo - it reminds you of the product. They have nothing to do with the story and they spoil the mood. I'm sick of Mario and his stupid friends! Enough with them!!!

Wow! A semi-intelligent comment! I don't think the pictures were meant to be an AD for Mario... moreso Nintendo's little way of showing that it sees all its major characters and series as equal. Although I'd like to see you prove that Mario and his friends are stupid. Really. Can you show me some IQ scores?

What The Hell Were They Thinkin'? Mario? To Heck With Mario! I'm Fed Up With the idiot. He Should Be Dead. And in a serious game like zelda?

And the person who made this comment should be dead as well. All flame, no substance. And define a "serious" game. I mean, from the standpoint of the Mario characters, aren't those situations serious for them? (Well, maybe not SMS.) And this is officially the only person in the world who wrongly capitalizes more words than I do.

"I love ketchup, and I love ice cream, but I sure as hell ain't putting the two together."

This is a perfect metaphor for why I think like this. Read this person's entire paragraph and you'll see a pretty good summary of my view.

Well, I have A LOT more to say about this, but I have to go for now. Perhaps I'll continue later.

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Black Mage

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 First of all, arguing about something so insignificant is idiotic. I doubt they would have noticed had they not heard about it from someone else.

 - The Portraits in Hyrule Castle:
  First of all, these have nothing to do with the game. No plot, no reference to them anywhere else, nothing. In fact, you have to go out of your way, and rotate your camera around to even see them. What's the big deal? So, it's a little something for fans of both series. Feh.

 People are idiots, plain and simple.


Insane Steve

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Actually, the bulk of my post was an attempt to show how flimsy the arguments of most of the commenters were. I mean, come on, Black Mage is right... I think I went on a bit too much about the rather insignificant issue... but still, I just have to go on here. I have to show these "mature" gamers just how dumb they look. Or, maybe find SOMETHING worthwhile in this crap.

"Hey, don't get me wrong, I like Mario, but why Zelda? How come no Mario in Metroid or Super Metroid. Obviously, there is nothing that us gamers can do about it so lets just live with it and try to forget it ever happened,"

You know, he has a point. This game is YEARS old! Why worry about it? Wait. I'm worrying about it. Actually, I'm worrying more about these comments. Ah well. This was a good comment. Too bad I can't say the same about this next one:

"In my experiences, I have never played such a horrific game as "Mario" this or "Mario" that. They all suck; however, the Legend of Zelda is what has kept me with NES. But, after seeing Mario in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I was outraged. I pay good money and put in good effort to play Zelda to escape the crap sucking out of toilets Mario plumber butt head. Thanks for you time, and Mario, I hope you get laid off!"

Hmmmph. So, people can only like "cool" games? I mean seriously, if you like Zelda games so much, should an insignificant cameo of a character you really don't like at all ruin the whole game? Man, you're shallow. And what is with... "the crap sucking out of toilets Mario plumber butt head" comment? Ah yes, I got it. Engligh must not be your first language. That, or you're about 6. I can't tell which.

"I don't think it's such a big deal. Of course, when thinking about it, the word "wrong" just seems to convulse through my mind and veins, but at least we don't have to see it carved on death mountain or in some place where we would see it no matter how hard we tried not to (like pilotwings)"

True. It's HARD to find! Of course, Mario was in Pilotwings [64] far too much. I even have to agree there.

"I agree Mario shouldn't be in Zelda. Zelda is a much better game and it seems that Mario is in every Nintendo game. I really don't think they should have that stupid Mario in Zelda"

Cool! Another person with Mario's IQ score! And oh yes: PROVE that Zelda is a much better game. I mean, I've never heard of a video game called "Zelda". And what game are we comparing this game to? Another imaginary game called "Mario"?

" think that Shigeru Miyamoto should start putting Link and Zelda in Mario Games. Link is such a superior character and he deserves just as much if not more fame and praise as Mario. Sure, Mario is a good guy, and he made Nintendo what it is today, but common, he's old news. Who would you rather see plastered into your games, a fat plumber, or a kickin', sword slinging, ocarina playing, adventure hero?

Ah yes, this is like the feminist who said, when asked about a preacher's radical plan to have women put on leashes to be driven by men:
"It's morally wrong to have anyone placed on a leash. And besides, **if anyone should be placed on a leash, it's men.**"
Wait... That screams hypocrite. Same thing applies to your first sentence. Anyways, yes, I agree that Link could easily beat down Mario in a fight. But does this make Link BETTER? Are you saying that the school bully with no other qualities whatsoever is better than the genius kid who everyone KNOWS will make millions of dollars and benefit the world because he can beat this kid up? Please.

"I think that Nintendo was just evening things out. If you have ever played Super M[a]rio RPG, Link is in that game. I think they Mario in Zelda to even things out."

Ah yes, the moderator with nothing better to say. Bravo, Captian Obvious.

"I agree, The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy game set way back in time, it has a totally different feel to the 'recycled story line' type mario world. When I'm playing Zelda I don't want to think about some game like mario 64 I want to think about Zelda so how about so pictures of Zelda stuff there like The king of Hyrule and Zelda going fishing or something that would be more interesting to look at than some fat plumber."

Why exactly is everyone here referring to Mario as a "fat plumber" anyways? Can they only see the external qualities? Are they that shallow? Anyways, although I only slightly agree that the Mario storylines are recycled, I do agree that when playing Zelda, you really only want to think about Zelda storylines.

Anyways, what have I proved here? Well... These people (YES! Including me!) are obviously fretting over an insignificant fact, and if the inclusion of a character from another series in a portrait ruins an entire game for you.... wow, I pity you, man.

And one last thing. Although the replier to these comments obviously hates Mario, I found this paragraph quite amusing:

"Theoretically speaking it just might happen... An anti-time causality loop ruptured the space-time continuum between gaming universes and directly influenced Zelda during a REM hypnogogic state to invision the spirited likenesses of a short fat man in red and blue suspenders, a taller green fat man with with a wierd mustache, and an odd green Dinosaur thing. Using her telepathic powers she contacted these ephemeral beings across the void between dimensions and beseeched their allowance to depict their greatness upon the castle wall. Low an behold the dastarly Bowser tried to sever the mind-link and used the Orb of 'Shroom to seal the temporal rupture. But, just then the Orb of 'Shroom was stolen by his lizardly kid Iggy and absconded to the wasteland world of Iggy World where he pointed the Orb of Shroom at the ill fated world of Wendy World and sent it to a strange alternate timeline of Super Mario Brothers 3. Meanwhile Mario and Luigi ate pasta, and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate... Zelda was so facinated by his mystical powers to consume mass quanitites that she ordered the Royal artist to emblazon the corridors of Hyrule Castle with this omniscent being. Oddly enough, this Green Dinosaur thing called a Yoshi came and ate the entire sub space world of Super Mario Bros. 2 and thus deteriorated the temporal disturbance and severed Zelda's visions. Ever since that hallowed day, Zelda stares wistfully at the likenesses of the great ones who had expressed the secrets of infinite linguine consumption to her. This all could have been averted if Old Captain Picard in one of the timeframes collaborated with Luke Skywalker to use the force to strenthen the inverse tachyon beam. Put that in your pipe, and smoke it, bub."

Yes... how exactly DO the Zelda character know about the Mario characters, anyways?

All I'm saying is, for a game like any Zelda game... putting characters from other series really messes up the mood of the game, no matter how slight. Although... why these people hate Mario so much eludes my comprehension.

And there I went again. Another 4 page essay on an insignificant issue. Man, there's something really wrong with me. Ah well.

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The one that annoyed me was the one complaining about Mario's "girly screams." Has that person ever played OoT, MM, WW, FS, or GBA ALTTP with sound on? Link is the girly screamer if anyone.

Accolades on the Insane essay, by the way.

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Heheh...Nice rant, Steve. A bit long, but a good point, nonetheless. :)
Here's my theory of the Link/Mario infusions. There are 100s of different universes--or dimensions, whichever you prefer. A Mario universe, Zelda, DK, etc, and even our OWN universe in which we live. Somehow there are mysterious gaps between them all, in which link the different dimensions together. One example is how Mario was born in TMK, is from Brooklyn, and now in TMK again (this is my theory, whether you agree or not). That's right: A gap b/w the dimensions. Probably the most interconnected worlds are that of Mario and DK, hence why DK is in so many Mario games.

This Zelda/Mario cameos are merely due to dimension gaps. Only rarely are dimensions crossed.

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Chupperson Weird

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Heh. That's so funny.
I have a more concise theory: These people must not know about Shiggy.

When I see the pictures of the Mario guys in OoT, I think, "Hey, that's cool."
Same way in SMRPG when I see Link or Samus, or the F-Zero Racers and the Arwing. I think that's the point. It's to give fans of the different series something to say that's cool about. Miyamoto knows Mario fans play Zelda games. Likewise, he knows Zelda fans play Mario games.
So, I guess these guys never realized the similarities between Talon, Mario, Ingo, Luigi, Malon, and Peach, eh? Not to mention their Bowser medallions...
Both game series have impossible events happening in them. Both are completely ridiculous, really. There's no way Mario or Link (or Samus, or Fox McCloud) could survive half the things they're up against, but they do anyway.
My point here is that the only reason these references are here is for fans. Apparently these "mature" people are too dumb to realize that.
That was a joke.


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I know! Really! Geeze, personally, I get tickled when I see a cameo from one game series in another. These guys need to seriously lighten up, or in the malapropian words of my mom, "cool their horses"!

(Heh. Malapropism (it's noun form). My favorite word in the entire English language. ^_^)

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Or, they need to (in my words) jump off a cliff and strangle in their own intestines. Sorry, I just get fed up when people make fun of things they like and have NO valid arguement whatsoever.


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Long live the Mario Brothers!

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I always figured "Time to tip the scales" was Wario's everyday motto.

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You know what REALLY makes me mad?

That #$^%$#&*# Mario cameo that totally RUINED the über-realistic atmosphere of Pokemon Red! CURSE THEM!

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Oh. My. God. Loser alert! Video Gamer X or whatever his name is,hes a complete loser!
How can you hate Mario!? Saying Talon & Mario have one thing in common,there both fat and lazy!Now what the devil is with that!?

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For crying out loud! Mario is neither fat nor lazy. Yes, he may be a little chubby, but in a cute way; he's not some obese lard cow!
And he's definitely NOT lazy. Not only does he constantly have to go on adventures--in which he choses to travel by FOOT, but look at all the sports he plays! He's constantly moving, which is more to say than THOSE lazy bums sitting around playing video games and at their computers (Oh wait...heheheh... :) ), ranting how "fat and lazy" Mario is.
'Nuff said.

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I agree Sapphira.

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