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Hey, PaintGamma, it's me, EvilTrailMix from the SWS2B forums! Anyways, we hope your stay at the FF is long and enjoyable. Don't forget to learn from Fairemaster's mistakes.


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Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind!

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But isn't it-a you? Mario?
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Hi, hi hi! I'm Hsiao-Chai, and I just found this forum a few minutes ago. I don't really like the new Mario games much, but I like the old ones a lot. If I knew where they were (they're lost somewhere in my house) I would play them again. Me, my mom, and my cousin used to play Mario 3 a lot.

I usually don't stay at one forum for long because I get bored of them, unless it's a really good forum. We'll see how this turns out.

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Yeah, you won't get very far with posts like that, kid. :P
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Hey I'm Dave, been playing Mario games and Nintendo since I was 2. I even went out as Mario for Halloween 2 years in a row. When I was a kid people would call me Mario lol. Well, looking forward to chatting with people on this forum.


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Ok, guys, I'm officially back. I say "officially" because I posted once or twice while in San Diego. My aunt and uncle have NIIIICE monitors...
And in other news, my internet-failure horrors might be over soon. My parents said that when I was gone the internet man came and checked our hardware (the last thing they could think of) and it was fine. The last thing that could possibly be doing this is that TMK is giving me spam somehow and I need an anti virus thing. Don't ask me why but my mom didn't keep our Norton subscription... but at Costco there's this discount-rebate thing and we can get it for 10 bucks. Just had to post that.
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Hello to all new members! Welcome back to all old members!

...I think I covered all the bases...
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Yeah, I guess I'm "officially" back too.
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Hi. I'm Iced T. LOL! I've been playing Mario ever since 1 year old (beat that Dave)! I've also been Mario for halloween for 3 years. Until 8. (ㄱ_ㄱ;) Oh yeah, Iced T. was my answer to the T. at the end of each Toad name. I've also come up with, Oolong T., Midori T., and Earl Grey T..
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Welcome to the Fungi Forums, iced_t! I wish you a great time on these forums.
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My cousin-in-law's name is Dave.
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I missed the return of a few people, but all the same, welcome back Khold, Bird Person, and MaxVance.

Edit: Oh, Khold, that Combat Zone place sounds pretty cool. Do you by chance have your own Steam account?
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Alas! I have returned. (3/22/07)


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Hey! I'm back from a mostly fascinating adventure to eastern Washington, western Idaho, and borderline Idaho/Canada!

It all started at a boring graduation party for one of my various second cousins. I played Brain Age. Once that two day event was over, we went to Cour D'Alene, Idaho. This was our gateway to Silverwood, a theme park in very northern Idaho. I must have ridden the roller coasters they have at least 10 times. In the end of the second day was a fantastic fireworks display (it was July 4th). I also had a really cool dream the day before the fourth.

Attached is a picture which was not intended to be purchased. I had ridden Tremors three times by this point, and I had decided to make the strangest face possible. This prompted my father to buy it. Great job, Dad.
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That face looks like it hurts.
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