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Mario and company reenact LCD madness in...


Play through simulations of the classic Game & Watch titles Parachute, Helmet, Chef, Vermin, and Donkey Kong -- earn enough points and you'll unlock an additional game, Ball!  Each games can be played in original mode, or in "Modern Mode" with Mario characters, music, and color!  This is one of the earliest Game Boy Color titles, and features fairly colorful levels while remaining fully compatible with the original Game Boy.

Donkey Kong is an interesting conversion: while the original two screen Game & Watch game is faithfully recreated in Classic Mode, the Modern version adds a few extra levels and characters.  Donkey Kong (wearing his red tie and looking rather similar to the version present in the Game Boy Donkey Kong) kidnaps Princess Peach in Modern mode, and is assisted by Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas.

Developed by Tose and Nintendo, Game & Watch Gallery was released in 1997 in Japan and 1998 across the rest of the world.  The game featured Super Game Boy frames and tinting.
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