Donkey Kong
Game Boy
Game info
System: Game Boy
Genre: Action/puzzle
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
Save: Battery
Memory size: 4 megabits
SRAM size: 64 kilobits
Series: Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong screen shot
Release info
[USA] Donkey Kong
Date: 6/??/1994 Catalog #: DMG-QD-USA  
[Japan] GAME BOY ドンキーコング
(Game Boy Donkey Kong)
Date: 6/14/1994 Catalog #: DMG-QD-JPN  
[Europe] Donkey Kong
Date: 9/29/1994  

Bottom line: This game is Donkey Kong on steriods! The first four stages are exactly like the arcade, but after those, Mario chases Donkey Kong through 96 more stages!

Mario's abilities have improved. He can now jump and land from high places without dying. He can do hand stands, high jumps, back flips, and—get this—he can throw barrels back at DK! Don't want to wait for the Hammer to wear off? Toss it in the air, climb to the next girder, then catch it and start hammerin' away again!

There is a plethora of new enemies, most of which Mario can stand on and then pick up to use as weapons. Even the Garbage Cans are out to get Mario! It's a good thing there's lots of new items here, including ladders and platforms that you can put anywhere you want in the stage. There are switches to turn on/off elevators and slide-boards. Other items, like the Umbrella, are scattered throughout the stages and will give Mario bonus points if touched.

The regular Game Boys do not do this game justice; use the Super Game Boy to hook the game up to your Super NES. Veterans of the Donkey Kong arcade version will appreciate the arcade-like border programmed into the Game Pak.

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