Author Topic: Any interesting boss fight experiences you would like to share?  (Read 8286 times)


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That part made me hate all life as I know it.

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earlier today, In starfox 64 when rematching Star Wolf on venom, the fight became alot easier because Leon crashed into a wall and died.

I didnt expect that to happen.
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Cool boss fight story, bro.

I recently beat God of War and the boss fight was pretty FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFantastic. I tried several times one day and eventually gave it a rest. A few days later I tried again and had the game conquered within an hour of waking.

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I beat that boss with ease on God difficulty.

There is a boss in GoWII that's legit hard on Titan difficulty.

Also the part in GoWI right before the final boss where hundreds of Kratoses attack you, I guess that's legit hard on God.


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I beat that boss with ease on God difficulty.
That means you had done it once before on a lesser difficulty setting. For the less perceptive readers: when I say I beat a boss battle within an hour of waking that means it was easy.

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It took me what may have been several hours to beat Queen Shroob in PiT, partially because I think I was semi-consciously trying to make it more difficult by using a minimal amount of Bros. Attacks.
I had lent my M&L:PiT to my boyfriend. After playing through it once, he did a low-level run and beat the game at level 12. I was told that the final battle took three hours.
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Beating the Elder Shroob Princess still takes my level fiftysomething team nearly a solid hour. Of course, I also refrain from using Bros. Items as an act of protest against how much the game pushes them on you.
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Here's one!

The summer Mario RPG was released, my sister and I were so into it. We both started new files, and suddenly I was facing Exor, while she was still stuck at the Hammer Bros (note: she has gotten better at RPG's since then). I couldn't figure out how to beat Exor, so I stopped for a bit to clean our gerbil cages (pets at the time).

I come back to find that she was playing my file, had finished off Exor for me, and was just taking a nap for me at Mario's Pad before handing me the controller. I was stunned.

She told me about how she had discovered the Geno trick, and was surprised that I hadn't known about it. I found that it didn't work on bosses, so I gave up using it on bosses long before.
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Sorry for the double post, but I have another one..

My first time fighting the Elite Four in Pkmn Blue. Ok, I was fighting my rival. We were both down to our last pkmn (his Venusaur, my Kabutops because everything else had been KO'd). Both of our HP were pretty low. I thought to myself that the next hit would surely KO my Kabutops and I would just try again after levelling up some, so I told him to Dig. Rival gets the atk in before I Dig. I watch as Kabutops' HP goes down.. to 1 before stopping (and nearly giving me a heart attack). Then I watched as Kabs used Dig (for a split second, I'd forgotten that Dig was the next move). I thought he fainted and had my finger ready to move to the power button..

Then Venusaur's next atk missed, I won, and the rest is history. :)
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A RPG boss battle description double post. Christ on a Crimson Crackerjack.

In God of War II, at the end of the Theseus battle, I swore aloud against my will by the violence in slamming Theseus's head in the door repeatedly. That battle and the Perseus battle caused me to look up the two characters in my big classical mythology book I had previously purchased for a class and ended up keeping because it was cool.


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Pkmn Blue

I read that as Pikmin Blue.


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When I first saw the title "Pikmin," I thought it was an accidental mis-spelling of "Pokemon."
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I thought it was a spin-off.
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Does the word really take that long to spell? Don't encourage Game Freak and their grammatical quirks!

Anyway, I think I may have mentioned this before, but not on here. When I fought Trunkle in M&L long ago, the battle itself wasn't inherently interesting, but I later learned that, apparently, he was supposed to, like, send out Mini-Me's at some point, which I don't think he ever did.

Oh, and on a related note, my brother's re-fighting the Shadow Queen in PM:TTYD right now. It's worth sticking around just for the BA battle music (which I forgot had creepy whispering and/or weird plumbing noises in it at one point).
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