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Wario's second DS outing wasn't a smash hit that we all expected, but if you could snag that game for free, would you? Well, if you are a Nintendo of Australia Club Member, you're in luck! NoAus is running a Wario: Master of Disguise competition that has some pretty simple rules:

1) Live in Australia (shoot, there goes my chance..)
2) Sign up to be a Nintendo Club Member
3) Tell NoAus in 25 words or less: What would you do if you were Wario for a day?

The deadline to enter is Friday, June 8th 2007 and they got three copies, so don't miss out!

Well, if I was Wario, the first thing I'd do is go on a diet. Can't have that skinny Mario showing me up!

Link: Enter Now!

<Kojinka> When I saw this thread back on top, I was afraid this was gonna be another pointless bump by a new member, but when I saw Super-Jesse's username, my fears were laid to rest.


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I came in this thread thinking that we were bombing Australia or something.