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Mama-Mia, Mario took a stumble this week! Check it out:

05./08. [NDS] New Super Mario Bros.  - 21,332 / 4,440,924 (DOWN from  51,681)
06./02. [WII] Super Paper Mario  - 20,670 / 330,851 (DOWN from 90,151)
10./04. [NDS] Yoshi's Island DS - 17,423 / 808,555 (DOWN from  58,948 )
15./06. [NDS] Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: Mini Mini Big March!  (DOWN)
16./12. [NDS]  Mario Kart DS (DOWN)

Wow, not a good week for our pudgy little plumber. While NSMB rose in rank, the weekly sales for the game were down. I blame our friends at Square-Enix, whose FF games snagged the top two spots. Anyone surprised by these numbers?

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I'm not surprised at the fall of the DS games, but I am very surprised at the fall of Super Paper Mario. That game is hardly just out!

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Square can win as often as they want in my book.
That was a joke.


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I'm (somewhat) surprised that NSMB is still selling as well as it is.
Remember that your first Goomba boldly you walk? When Mario touched that mushroom being brought up more largely remember that you are surprised? Miscalculate your jump that pit remember that it falls?