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Update: Here's America's top 5 software as well:

1. [NDS] Pokemon Diamond (1,045,000)
2. [NDS] Pokemon Pearl (712,000)
3. [Wii] Super Paper Mario (352,000)
4. [Wii]   Wii Play  (249,000)
5. [360] Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar (197,000)

With this information, I'll make sure to get a worldwide sales total for SPM asap!

Original post:

OH, CANADA! How dearly you love Nintendo. However, I'm not here to talk about that, for this is not the time, nor the place (this is). No, I'm here to proudly present you with the top 5 games in Canada because...Well, you'll figure it out:

1. [NDS] Pokemon Diamond (48,000)
2. [NDS] Pokemon Pearl (37,000)
3. [Wii]   Wii Play  (Unknown)
4. [Wii] Super Paper Mario (Unknown)
5. [PS2] God of War 2 (11,600)

Now, if I were to guess, I'd say that SPM sold probably 15,000-18,000 units, but they don't say. For the full report, check out the link below!

Anyone care to guess SPM's Canadian sales??

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