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 To further the slow, boring weekends gamers are usually met with during the summer months, TMKblog will be providing you
 with Weekend Movie. These posts will highlight a video the blogger felt worthy of sharing. If you come across a video, feel free to submit it!

These weekend movies seem to just get longer with each new entry. This weekend's featured video, Super Mario Bros. Z, will definitely fill an otherwise boring summer Sunday (since I accidentally posted this a little late, heh). A perfect blend of action and plot, this series isn't your run of the mill character crossover. It's a step above other Super Mario/Dragonball Z parodies, and one I fully suggest you watch. Just make sure you have time to do so, as this 6 part series runs long and demands your full attention. Enjoy this weekend's movie, Super Mario Bros. Z!

Thanks to Da Bomb-Omb for submitting this weekend's movie!

Link: Weekend Movie: Super Mario Bros. Z (some ads on newgrounds are a bit NSFW, be warned)
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I love this series!
Regards, Uncle Dolan