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 To further the slow, boring weekends gamers are usually met with during the summer months, TMKblog will be providing you
 with Weekend Movie. These posts will highlight a video the blogger felt worthy of sharing. If you come across a video, or videos, feel free to submit it!

After last weekend's hate on Super Mario Reloaded (good movie, but I guess the kids are finicky these days), I was hesitant to do a Weekend Movie period. Alas, I found hope when I saw this little nugget, simply entitled "History of Video Games". It may not be Nintendo/Mario centric, but it is a good homage to all the games that have gone before to get us where we are now, and actually chronicles even recent releases. I strongly suggest veterans (aka pre NES), juniors (aka pre SNES), sophomores (aka pre N64), and even freshman (aka post N64) take a gander at where the industry has been. Could it give us an idea of where it's going? Only time will tell.

Enjoy "History of Video Games". I'm sure you will.

Weekend Movie: History of Video Games

P.S. I think you'll be excited for next weekend's movie. I suggest you get "Charged up" now for a presentation by a certain TMK staffer.... ;-)
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Yup, yup, I saw quite a few games I recognized, including Micro Machines for the Game Boy.

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I recognized most of those games. However, I did not see one Kirby game in there at all, and only one Metroid, meanwhile several of Mario and Zelda. Hmm..
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The maker of that movie seemed a little PC game-biased.


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I recognized quite a few of them as well.  I didn't see any Pokemon, though. 
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Maybe it's just me, but the Super Mario 64 clip seems a bit...odd. It shows Mario running away from a warp pipe in front of the castle with 120 stars and 100 lives. Either I'm really tired right now or something just isn't right with this picture...
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I don't think the author of this movie used original footage (I mean, the author used video taken by other people).

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Heh, I guess that makes me a Junior then. I did start on the NES even though I was born in '88. I sadly never had an Atari or such, heh.

I recognized about 85% of these titles though. Sure, it was a fair chunk of modern titles but I could either name or at least recognized most of the titles. I guess I'm not completely out of touch with the older video games, but obviously not too in touch either. Good video, thanks for the link Jesse.
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