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These folks all trust the fungus, even on an early Sunday morning.

Some shots of the crowds and steps before we all got to enter the hall.

We're waiting....

I do believe this is Ness from the first day.  Franklin badge!

Note the Ness tattoo.  I'm 98% sure that at e3 2006, the TMK crew sat behind this guy during the Nintendo press conference.

I ran into the fellow on the right many, MANY times.

I saw this guy's shirt, and I just KNEW...

These fellows were far too enthusiastic.

Just for Deezer, more shots of games and stuff.

Classically trained. 'Nuff said.

You might recognize these folks from my pictures of the media hospitality room on Saturday.  They were enthusiastic to see me, and wore the stickers on their foreheads for a good chunk of the remainder of the day.

I want this shirt, but I must confess it probably looks better on her than it would on me.

It's PAUL GALE again.  I kept bumping into him... and folks with their heads being devoured by Pac-Man.

Fungus -- she trusts it.


That sneaky Paul guy is back, along with some new friends.

Everyone has cooler t-shirts than I do.

That's one hip red tie.

This guy's company makes giant, dome displays.

Fungus stickers go well with dark jackets.

See the guy on the right?  Guess who is he in costume as...

Princess Peach.

That's just disturbing.

Insert witty comment here.

Most of the really neat t-shirts you see all came from the Nintendo World Store in New York City.  (Shakes fist.)

Cute little Bowser plush.  I have two just like it.

Note how one member of this family group doesn't trust the fungus.

So, I ran into some more girls from the PMS Clan.  Naturally, they love the fungus.  The third girl, however, was a bit more enthusiastic.

This lovely lass asked for an additional sticker for her husband at home, and THEN decided that all the ladies of the clan NEEDED to display their trust of the fungus.

She then decided that the folks running the HP booth (which the PMS girls were staffing) also trusted the fungus:

One PMS girl was busy demonstrating something, but we got to her later...

Trust the fungus? Of course they do!

This guy needed a red mushroom to go with his shirt...

When I saw the NES controller around his neck, I knew he needed a sticker.

MARIO!  (Or an approximate fascimile thereof.)

Oops.  I appear to have forgotten to rotate these fellows... that or we had another earthquake.

Someone didn't want their face in the photo.

Kilted guys MUST trust the fungus.

This shirt caught my eye... and it turned out the guy in the shirt was part of the Indie Games display.  He proceeded to lead me to these fine folks...

... who, of course, trusted the fungus.

Proud of the trust, he is.

Back in the media center, I ran into this fine fellow while we were discussing the general lack of media presence on the final day.  He was happy to show his fungal trust.


This fellow is sporting one of the t-shirts Nintendo gave away during the week.

Custom French Mario-esque shirts.

What's cooler than a dad with a Mario shirt?  (Well, he could be an older brother or demented uncle, but I prefer to assume the direct family connection.)

Just in case you were wondering how to play the new Fire Emblem game...

It's truly scary what happens when you have a Pac-Attack.

This may be the first, and last, time I ever see Ice Climbers cosplay.

I'm not entirely sure why I have two pictures of this guy, but I do.

Why should YOU join the ECA?

We got that elusive PMS girl at last.

All good Toadettes trust the fungus!

Guys in HP booths will be forced to trust the fungus, thanks to the PMS girls.

We need more gals with Peach t-shirts.

This lady told me she is a total Legend of Zelda junkie.  We had a debate on the matter of Shiek and whether shiek is female (which SHE IS, as she's Zelda in disguise) or male (yeah, right).  She was unenthused with my reasoning for shiek being female.  We also discussed Link's possible love interests.

NOA employees trust the fungus.  Would you expect anything less?

A bad photo of one of the banners hanging around the room.

This feels like some sort of growth chart.

This charming Nintendo booth lass manned the Fire Emblem displays, which were sadly underutilized during the course of the show.  Whenenever I passed her way, I did my best to cheer her up.


Tanookis are so nice, we snapped 'em twice.

These guys were trying to drum up interest in their booth, which sells certification programs for game testing.  I'm not sure there's much of a demand for that, but they had vibrant displays.

This woman seemed a bit confused when I asked if she trusted the fungus, but she perked up nicely when she received the sticker.

You can't beat the classics.

Nintendo girls love the fungus!

A floor mural that was finished just in time for day 4.

Spare E for All ID badge holders being given away on the final day.

These guys finished off my TMK sticker sheet!  TRUST DAT FUNGUS!

More free E for All Badge Holders.  I wonder how many they made?
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So how many stickers were printed in total?
Remember that your first Goomba boldly you walk? When Mario touched that mushroom being brought up more largely remember that you are surprised? Miscalculate your jump that pit remember that it falls?


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So how many stickers were printed in total?

Roughly 492 were printed, and about 144 are left.  In theory, 348 were used... striking 4 of those for my personal use and another few for loss, we can still safely claim more than 300 distributed.
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