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hey everyone! I'm just guessing on what type of power-ups could you think of for Mario that hasnt been made by Nintendo........(yet).....Like Boo Mario. He's already taken....
I'm thinkin....Spike Mario?......*sigh*

Just post a power up you think should be in the mario series

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Red text Mario, he'd make all the text RED.


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Well, Wario's usually been the one with weird powers, but I'd put my money on some kind of Electric Mario...
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Two words: Karate Mario.  He would change his clothes into a karate uniform and start chopping everyone up.

Or you could make Moderator Mario where he would turn into an elf and start merging the enemies words and deleting all of the profanity!
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Hmmm well its hard to diciced since Wario has all the ubsured powers. How about gangsta Mario like on youtube lol naw just kiding.

How about super speed Mario? He would go really fast for certain puzzles in the game. That one seemed to uncreative but hey what can i say im a uncreative guy. Ill try thinking of a diffrent power later.
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Two words: Karate Mario.  He would change his clothes into a karate uniform and start chopping everyone up.
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Civilian suit. It'd turn Mario into a harmless-looking old man so no one would kill him. Like in The Odyssey.
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Dark matter Mario. Anything he touches dematerializes, and he can throw dark matter balls. The power-up could be a purple/black mushroom with the dark matter animation.


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Glow Mushroom: Glow-in-the-Dark Mario.  Mario's body lights a path in pitch black environments.
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I had an idea about a Koopa Suit. Not Shell Mario, but a full Koopa Suit. Basically, Mario looks like a Koopa, and there is a visible zipper on the suit. No enemies will attack him.

That or a new Sneaky Parasol.


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How about a Ultimate Mario, you would have all of the power ups combined, but you can cycle through all of them. Plus it lasts for the whole level!
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Telekinetic Mario. Make goombas blow up with the flick of a finger.

Playable Shadow Mario would rock.
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Better yet, Super Scope Mario. Mario has a Super Scope strapped around him and can charge it like in SSBM. It wears off when you run out of ammo.

How about Freezeflame (lol) Mario? Basically he is made of red ice and has flames coming from his hands. He can skate and walk on water like Ice Mario, but can also throw fireballs.

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Ice Flower-
If this were brought to a 2D Mario game, it should enable Mario to freeze coins and enemies by throwing ice balls at them. He could also walk on water by touching it to make it freeze.

Boomerang Suit-
Not the Boomerang item from Super Mario Advance 4 -e, but an actual suit like the Hammer Bros. Suit. Mario can throw up to two Boomerangs at a time. They cut right through enemies and walls and always return to Mario.

Bunny Suit-
A full body suit version of the bunny ears from SML2, sorta like how the Tanooki Suit was a full body version of the Raccoon Tail. This suit has all the same floaty jump properties of the bunny ears, but also enables Mario to do a super-high jump by pressing Up + B and accelerate much faster.

Bob-Omb Suit-
Based on Bomb Mario from the SML2 file select, this suit turns Mario into a Bob-Omb. He can't do much in this form besides walk and jump, and he can't even jump that high. He can, however, detonate himself whenever and wherever he wants by pressing Down + B. This is only good for one use though, as blowing up makes the suit disappear, even though it causes no damage.

Mouser Suit-
Makes Mario look like Mouser from SMB2. This suit gives Mario an unlimited supply of bombs to throw at enemies. They're thrown the same way as in SMB2.

Doctor Suit-
Turns Mario into Dr. Mario. This enables him to throw Megavitamins at enemies. The Megavitamins have an even broader bouncing arc than fire/ice balls, and randomly have the effects of either of them. Some times they'll do as much damage as hammers/boomerangs.

Magic Wand-
Gives Mario a magic wand like th Koopalings or a Magikoopa. This enables Mario to shoot bursts of magic (those colored shapes) across the screen. The bursts of magic can turn enemies into blocks, coins or other items and vice-versa. You'll never know what you'll get with this power-up.

Power Sneakers-
These are actually Sonic's shoes. Using them will allow Mario to accelerate without holding the B button, as well as do a Spinball jump and Spinball attack by pressing down while running. Crouch and press B or A to rev up a Spin Dash!

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F.L.U.D.D. Gun- A gun with a blue handle and F.L.U.D.D.'s head. It can shoot water. It lasts until Mario gets hit, and Mario has to refill it every 20 shots. If there is ever a new 3D Mario game, they should make one or two stages with this item.

Whirlwind- When Mario jumps on a red whirlwind, he becomes Whirlwind Mario. He moves a bit faster, has trouble stopping, and can spin switches, enemies, and NPCs. Mario's feet act as a drill, too. It lasts for about 30 seconds, and when you are done, the controls are briefly reversed (because Mario is dizzy)

Ultra Mario- Mario has a glowing red aura and yellow glowing shoes. He moves at Super Speed, cannot die (if he falls off a ledge, he will fly back up automatically), can fly like Red Star/Flying Mario, can throw balls of light at enemies, and has the ability to explode and deactivate the power-up. This lasts until Mario is hit.
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