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If there ever was a "top" list I would disagree with whole-heartedly, it's this one. has compiled a list of games that, in their mind, are the most awful launch titles of all time. Three Mario character titles make the list:  Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Super Mario Land, and Super Mario Advance. DK Jr. Math, okay, I could see that as being a bad idea for a launch title. Super Mario Advance I am on the fence about, considering it was a port. The game scored high amongst reviewers, and I personally had that game in my GBA for a long time.

However, I have to "explosively" disagree with Super Mario Land. Sure, it's no Super Mario Bros. 3, but it's definitely not a bad title at all. It was fun to play, challenging, and had a good soundtrack. I'd venture to say Luigi's Mansion is a better choice for this list than Super Mario Land.

Read on for's attempt to legitimize their choices, and let me know what you think about them in the Fungi Forums.

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Quote from:
But, aside from this brilliant pack-in, Nintendo did offer a meager selection of launch titles, the worst of these being Super Mario Land.
Uh, pretty sure Alleyway and the sports titles were easily worse than SML.


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Funny, I never found SMA all that bad. I guess I was never annoyed too much by the voices.

Then again I never played the "original" SMB2 or the SMAS port of it.
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Luigi's Mansion is fine. As for Super Mario Land, yeah, it hasn't stood the test of time, but I don't see anything wrong with it as the first portable Mario game on the first Nintendo portable (heck, I didn't know it was a launch title until now!).

Super Mario Advance? Well, I never got that one, partially because I've never really been too fond of Super Mario Bros. 2 compared to the other Mario games (few have, as I understand it), partially because I think they went overboard on the new additions (i.e. bad sound bits--and what the eff is the point of that huge bouncy thing that appears when you step on that one platform at the beginning of the game?).
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Luigi's Mansion rocks hard.

Aside from the music, the same can't be said about Super Mario Land, if you ask me. I'm sure it wasn't the WORST launch title for the Game Boy, of course...

As for Super Mario Advance, it's one of those games I own where the time I've played it over the time I've owned it would make a tiny little fraction. Pretty sure I only got it to complete the Advance collection. Other games with tiny fractions like that would be the original Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (with a zero) and Final Fantasy III DS. I don't like SMA too much simply because I, like ShadowBrain and others, am not a big fan of SMB2. It's a cool game, but it drives me crazy with its harshness. I did a 99 (999?)-life trick in world three or so and got a game over before the end.
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Why do I feel like "explosively" is a bad way to describe the awfulness of a game? Hearing that word make me think of either firecrackers or diarrhea--two things inexcusably absent from all current Mario games, I might add.
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Man, I loved Super Mario Land. It got me through all those boring Rotary meetings with my grandfather when I was very, very young. At the time, I thought it was clever and unique. I still think it was clever and unique. It didn't stray too far from the normal formula of Mario platformers, and I loved the vehicular levels.

They compare the series to "some surreal nightmare," and while Super Mario Land 2 may very well match that description, it was kind of a baton pass to the maniacal Wario, so that sort of made sense.


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This guy is pretty much a total idiot. Super Mario Land is handheld platforming genius. Also, regarding Super Mario Advance, how is a port of the best Super Mario Bros. game an awful game? His choices for other systems are somewhat decent, but Wave Race: Blue Storm is good too (although not better than the original).


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While Super Mario Land definitely pushed my patience to its limits with some of the harder bits, I would never say it was explosively awful...
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I still play Super Mario Land to this day. Sure, it doesn't at all hold a candle to console Mario titles, but for early handhelds, Super Mario Land is a great game. It's a game I will probably find myself playing through here and there for the rest of my life.
Ditto used Machop!


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Why do all the 1UP articles look really cheap now? They used to be laid out really cool with all these sidebars and stuff...
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