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*Clap clap* This is the first nominated BEST AND WORST! One of many to follow... ...

Which Mario game had the best Castle and/or Fortress Music? Almost every main Mario game has a Castle in it, and some have Fortress's,(Not many...). Now then...

Super Mario World (1)      That sad music in Castle 2# was...moving...

Super Mario Bros.3 (1)      Just the same music as all of the fortress's...very dissapointing.

Best Mario Sports game (2)
Best first Level (4)
Best Original Super Mario Bros Level (1)
Best 2D Game (2)

(Nominations require 10 votes to become a reality)

BEST Winners:
WEEK 1(Attacks): Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
WEEK 2(Final Boss Battle): Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
WEEK 3(Music): Super Mario Galaxy
WEEK 4(Underwater Levels): Super Mario World
WEEK 5(Powerups): Super Mario Bros 3
WEEK 6(Bowser Level):Paper Mario
WEEK 7(First Boss): Super Mario 64
WEEK 8(Yoshi's Role): Yoshi's Island
WEEK 9(Intro): Super Mario Galaxy
WEEK 10(Ending): Paper Mario
WEEK 11(Races): Super Mario 64
WEEK 12(Non-Bowser bosses): Yoshi's Island
WEEK 13(Hub):Super Mario Sunshine
WEEK 14(Hub Dwellers): Super Mario Galaxy
WEEK 15(Title Screen): Super Mario 64
WEEK 16(Box Art): Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
WEEK 17(Level Success Animation): Super Mario 64
WEEK 18(Ghost Levels): Super Mario World

WORST Winners:
WEEK 13(Hub): Super Mario Galaxy/Super Paper Mario
WEEK 14(Hub Dwellers): Super Mario Sunshine
WEEK 15(Title Screen): Mario Kart Wii
WEEK 16(Box Art): Mario Kart Wii
WEEK 17(Level Success Animation): Super Mario Bros. 2(American)
WEEK 18(Ghost Levels): Super Mario Sunshine


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Castle two number's music? All the castles had the same background music...

Best: I think I'll go with New Super Mario Bros. for its castle music. From what I remember, though, the fortress towers had terrible background music. Honorable mention goes to Koopa Bros. Fortress in Paper Mario.
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I enjoy the castle music from SMB3 and SMW a lot, despite each game only using one track for every castle and fortress. However, I have to give it to SMW., I'm going to go with SM64, because I got sick of hearing the castle music really quickly - you hear at least the beginning of it every time you finish a star.

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Best - Paper Mario, since each fortress had a different track, and because all of them were awesome and fit the setting.

Worst - SMB3, only because of the total lack of variety, Only one track for ALL the fortresses AND the castles? Bull!
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Hmm...tough choice. There's been a lot of great castle and fortress music in the games.

I'll agree with Nintendoobsessed when I say I like the SMW one. I like the original version better than the SMA2 version, but there's something about the music in SMA2 that I like. It just sounds...depressing. Like it's hopeless. I would love to hear an even more emotional remix of that music in another Mario game.

The one in Yoshi's Island is pretty good too. It sounds kind of cheesy looking back, but it fits the tone style of the game perfectly.

The music in Bowser's Castle in Paper Mario is probably my favorite music from that game. There's something about the evil nature of it all, and I like how the music grows more intense as you proceed further into the castle. Incidentally, I'm currently playing Paper Mario again at the moment. Wish I could hear it now (just finished Chapter 2).

New Super Mario Bros. had a great castle music as well. Man, I'm having a hard time with this. It's either SMW or PM...

I'm gonna go with Paper Mario.

Worst would probably be Super Mario Bros. It's not bad, but compared to the later ones, it's kind of boring and repetetive.
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Best: Hmm.. Well, I don't know. SMB3 and SMW both had great music for their forts/castles, but only one track per game each. SMB only had one track, though, and it did a good job of creating the creepy atmosphere Bowser's Castle has become known for.

I may have to split my vote between those 3, with an honorable mention for the forts (halfway points, if you will) in New SMB. They had some great music, and it was often fun attempting to get through the level. Also, an honorable mention to the Paper Mario series, since each game had its own set of forts/castles, which in turn had some great music for each one (often times a remix from a previous Mario game was thrown into the PM music).

Worst: I don't know if this will count, but the Bowser's Castle track in Mario Kart Wii has some of the worst castle music in Mario history. It starts out nice, but then quickly becomes the worst. If that doesn't count, then I won't vote for a worst this round.

I have a suggestion for a best/worst topic: level music (in general, not just castles and forts)
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Best: Super Mario 64, great melody that succeeds in catchiness and epicness.

Worst: I'll conform and say SMB3.
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Best: Yoshi's Island

Worst: SMB3

I vote for best first level!
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Bowser's Castle in MKW. It has that...awesomeness to it.


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« Reply #9 on: June 22, 2008, 10:40:28 PM »
Best: Yoshi's Island and/or NSMB.
Worst: Gee... I dunno. SMB3's wasn't that bad, per se. Heck, I hardly can think of a castle/fortress tune that was!
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Best: Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart 64)

Worst: NSMB Castle Theme

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Best - Super Mario World.
Worst - Super Mario Bros.
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Best: SMW (SM64 close second)
Worst: SMB3
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Best:  SMW
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BEST: TIE! Yoshi's Island/Super Mario World
Worst: Super Mario 64
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