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Milking a cash cow again

Why can't these two beloved icons star together in a game (excluding Brawl) that is NOT a compilation of minigames?  I'd like to see Robotnik team up with Bowser to take over the world.  I would love to see Mario and Sonic join forces, relying on each others special skills to save the day.
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I wouldn't.

I think a Mario/Sonic crossover adventure wouldn't do so well, especially considering the current state of both companies' writers.
No! I don't want that!

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Haha haha! That was a funny joke-

What? It's seriously happening?!
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The only way a proper Sonic/Mario crossover would work is if it were 1999 instead of 2009.

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Honestly, I think we all seen this coming. I bet Nintendo and Sega will be make a Mario and Sonic at the Super Bowl. Where instead of playing with a football, you play with a bullet bill...anyway, it seems pretty obvious that they're milking this for all it's worth. For shame, Nintendo...and pathetic Sega.   
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I guess the last one was just so successful they had to make another as fanservice! ! ! !


But yeah no, the only crossover I see as ever being any good is Smash Bros. Plots ruin crossovers, and other non-plotted games (like sports games) suck.


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If they make the game utilize Wii MotionPlus and use the Balance Board intuitively, I'd like to see how it turns out, as the original was criticized for the odd controls.

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We seriously don't need another one of these. The first one sucked bad enough.

To be honest, I don't want Nintendo and Sega combining forces to make a Mario/Sonic platform title either. Sega would totally screw everything up. They had a chance to bring Sonic back from oblivion with Sonic Unleashed, but they blew that chance and then some. I wish Sega would sell Sonic over to Nintendo (I know, that'll never happen) because other companies seem to be the only ones who know how to make a decent Sonic games nowadays (BioWare proved that wholeheartedly).

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I just thought it was so sad that prepubescent boys et al waited over a decade for an epic crossover of these classic mascots... and it came in a unoriginal minigame collection/plug for the Olympics.
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I'd be sadder about being prepubescent for ten years.
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Everyone was prepubescent for at least ten years straight.

Except Glorb.