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The very first thing I did here was make a retro bump.
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And that's probably the least embarrassing thing you've done here.

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My Wii hasn't been working for over a week, and I've had ample time to call Nintendo and ask them what could be done.

Yet, for some mysterious reason, I haven't. I miss playing the Wii, but I just haven't been super motivated to call them. Hopefully I'll get another chance to do so tomorrow.
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Once I had a dream where I was Christopher Walken.
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Wouldn't that be better to air over at Wacko Dreams?
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I already did.  Another confession that I have to make is a tough one.

A big thing that motivates me to draw or do art work (what I love to do and will probably make a career out of it) is jealousy.  If I see someone getting noticed for work that they did, I almost automatically think (most of the time its know) I could do better, and when I get home I work furiously and endlessly on some idea I've had in my head for awhile but was too lazy to do it.

I don't enjoy thinking this way, its just how I'm programed.  I think it probably has to do with the attention I see other people getting when this happens.  Attention like that for me is a different kind of high and I only feel like I have to seek it out when its about art or anything I'm good at.

All egotism aside though, I often am better.  I just wish I didn't need that to motivate me.
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After talkin' it up like that, I went to try and find some of your art but was unable to.

All I was able to find was a poem and a thread where you emailed all of the girls on the forum. Though, I will admit that I didn't look that hard.

Do you have a link?

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I did what?  Your not going to find any of my artwork on here because I never put any on here, I'm talking about outside TMK.  I don't think I've ever done any fancreations in here.  I work strictly with fine art mediums, and mix them a lot.
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That was a joke.

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I bet that made you feel special.
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* Chupperson Weird just spreading knowledge
That was a joke.

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I did what

Yeah, I know. I couldn't believe it either. You can read it here.

Unless you meant this, but there's nothing weird about that.
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I just read the blog from an old Mr. Wiggles post in this thread.  If the old Clayfighter 2 game ever went online, people would spam me to death.  I usually use Blob and just do the jumping mallet move (those who have played it know what I'm talking about). 

Oh, and my confession is that my very first signature here was an attack against Pokemon.  Geez, I would be so good at competitive battling if I hadn't taken those five years off Pokemon to be "cool." 
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I meant the later.  I couldn't help but laugh histarically.  I couldn't even believe I did that.  I can't remember doing that.  I remember the poem though, whats so hard to believe about that?
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I am addicted to cheese. I also have another confession I will never speak of. E-V-E-R.
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