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This warp zone isn't a series of pipes -- it's a portal to neat Mario stuff on the Web.

For our first "Warp Zone" article, we have five links that we think you'll enjoy. We might make this a weekly feature, so by all means, please send us comments, suggestions, or links for next time.

How ColecoVision Became the King of Kong (
The story of how Coleco scored the Donkey Kong arcade license, told by the guy who did it.

Iwata Asks: Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary, Volume 1 (
Nintendo of America's Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary website recently added a translation of another "Iwata Asks" interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. This time, EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi is doing the asking. Unfortunately, there isn't much Super Mario Bros. discussion in this volume.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive (
Click over to our newest affiliate for behind-the-scenes video, exclusive interviews, and more info about the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Janitor of the Mushroom Kingdom (
Web comics don't get a lot of coverage on TMK, so what better time than now to link to one of my favorites? If you've never read Brawl in the Family, the four-part "Janitor" series of strips is a great introduction to the comic's brand of humor. Also be sure to check out the well done video version of the four strips.

Super stomping in Retro City Rampage (
Leave it to the upcoming WiiWare game Retro City Rampage to bring us one of the strangest Mario cameos yet. In this gameplay video, an evil-looking, shirtless Mario ("radioactive plumber") gives the main character the ability to stomp on enemies. Look closely, and you can see "GOOMBOUNCES" scroll across the status bar when the player stomps on two enemies in a row.

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Wouldn't some of these links be best off in TMK's actual "links" section?

Neat stuff, by the way.
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Some will most likely make it on to the links section also.


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Retro City Rampage looks pure awesome. I have to get my hands on it when it comes out.
The Mario series is the best! It has every genre in video games but RTS'! It also has a plumber who does different roles, a princess, and a lot of odd creatures who don't seem to poop!