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For an explanation of my post, see Godot's first sentence of that post.
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You can't tell me that doesn't sound like satire.

It certainly does sound like satire, but the sad thing is that it also sounds like something a totally legitimate grade-A fundamentalist would say. My family used to go to a church full of these sorts of people. They're actually real, and it's unnerving.
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Homosexuality is an inherently selfish act.

How is it inherently selfish? In other words, what are homosexuals taking away from right wing Christians? I guess it has to do with their arrogance and pushing the Bible in your face, and they can't stand anyone being different.

On another note, selfish is taking something for your self and denying others by choice. You can't choose to be gay or straight. You can't suddenly become gay one morning and you certainly can't become straight by taking whatever Christian classes they give to homosexual people that makes them ashamed of who they are.
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There is one bright spot for Christians in America, though it will not appear so. Christianity in America has become soft. Persecution of the faithful will strengthen it as it has done for centuries. It will happen. We best prepare.

Anyone else absolutely terrified by that rhetoric? That's some Crusade [dukar] right there.
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Quote from: "RetiredTexasVet", from Free Republic
They will never get what they truly want - acceptance. They can force society to work with them but they can never get people to accept them if they don’t want to. Even if you are forced to work with them, you don’t have to even acknowledge their existence after hours .... and that is what fries their ***es. In the end, it’s just them, their dark places and Satan.

Is this the kind of [dukar] people say to feel better about themselves when they get old and bat[dukar] (IF THIS ISN'T FILTERED JUST PUT AN ASTERISK THERE) insane?

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He deserved it. People should never make jokes like that, it could hurt people.
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I honestly wonder how many comedians have made jokes in the same vein; if you're gonna lock up a kid that was being sarcastic to a bunch of jerks on the internet, you might as well lock up the people that make money off those jokes too!
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I guess the main point of the story is don't say stupid [dukar] like that, especially on the internet.

Jokes like that are harder to absorb when the events they originate from are still fresh or when you saw the event happen live (I still don't like 9/11 jokes, for example). Even though it happened in December, the Sandy Hook massacre is still pretty fresh in a lot of minds, so to read something like that jailed kid's comment is really distasteful... and just stupid (I mean, really, did he think he'd get away with saying something that sparks instant controversy like that? Especially with our country's history of school/mass shootings...)
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Other thoughts: while society has an itchy trigger finger regarding terrorism jokes, mass murder jokes, etc., the things that were said were wrong in any context, whether jokes or not. People take offense to that kind of thing, and making threats is never a joke.

Also: The petition does nothing, if someone commits a crime he has to be arrested for it.
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And? Offending people or saying distasteful things should be made a criminal offense?

Before it would put me on death row I have to ask, are you retarded or something?
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Hmm. I was expecting to be more convinced of his guilt, reading the... discussion, here, but I find this all a bit too draconian, considering the context, the sarcasm, and the lack of specifics in his aimless threat.

Certainly we need repercussions to show how seriously threats should be taken, but I can't wish jail time on this kid.